Why Does a Dentist Need a Website?

For most dental practices, their target market consists of people who have access to, and readily use, the Internet. Studies show, people search for healthcare services online, and they believe about 70% of what they find on the web. So, to reach new dental patients, you need a dental practice website.

Is a custom dental practice website better than a template site?

If you opt for a website provider that uses templates, and their templates are proprietary, you will not own your website’s design. Should you decide to change service providers, you cannot take your website with you. This can become a headache if you have to completely rethink your dental office’s brand and image. Before committing to a template website, make sure you understand what you are purchasing.

Another issue to be wary of is whether the text on your website is original – meaning, it’s not found anywhere else online. Many dental website companies use stock articles, sometimes called a patient education library, to fill the services pages of their client dentists’ websites. Google, however, specifically states in the company’s blog for webmasters, that non-original text will be detrimental to a website’s search engine optimization. Furthermore, patients seeking a dentist online can enter a website from any page, so every page of your site should be well optimized.

Some template sites, like those of WordPress, allow complete customization of text, images, and even code. These types of templates can be purchased, so the right to use the design remains with end user. WordPress also has a content management system, or CMS, which makes loading new text and images, or making other dental website updates, easy for the lay person.

What are the benefits of a custom website?

In contrast, a completely custom dental website is designed from the ground up, just like a custom home. Every image, word, form, button, link, and moving element can be moved or altered. Depending on your website provider, you may own copyright on the design and text on your custom website. However, a few companies do not give the copyright to their clients, so be sure to ask.

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