“What Makes Your Dental Websites Better?”

Not everyone asks this question when interviewing a dental website designer, but it is an important question that should be asked. What makes your websites better than others? Any company that is not prepared to answer this question, without using jargon and sales BS, isn’t worth your time.

I was speaking with a respected Florida CPA today. He brings his clients to MDPM Consulting for marketing, because he understands the value of our services. This associate said that many website SEO companies try to automate their products and services so that they don’t have to invest time in their clients. Their goal is to find a system that works without human intervention. He mentioned how Jill and I, though we have many clients across the USA and Canada, invest time and energy in our clients, one-on-one, with no BS. His observation brought one word to my mind: craftsmanship.

About Craftsmanship

When you think of craftsmanship, you might envision beautiful woodwork, stone sculpting, or glass blowing. You might ponder the Italian renaissance. Merriam-Webster says that a craftsman is: one who creates or performs with skill or dexterity especially in the manual arts. Note that the definition reeks of humanity. “One…creates…dexterity…manual”… these words all imply a requirement of humanity in a craftsman. A machine, nor software, can be a craftsman.

Craftsmanship in Technology

Can we truly consider technology and marketing professionals craftsmen? Absolutely. We are craftsmen of the modern age.

  • A copywriter can be a craftsman with words.
  • A graphic artist can be a craftsman with color, shapes, and space.
  • A programmer can be a craftsman, like an architect or builder.
  • An SEO specialist can be a craftsman with data, creating strategies based on what he finds, determines, and executes.

Craftsmanship in Dentistry

As a dentist, consider the difference between crowns made overseas and custom-made dental crowns of fine, layered porcelain, handmade by your local ceramist, whom you respect and trust. That ceramist takes pride in the quality of the crown’s materials, natural appearance, and proper fitting. Likewise, at MDPM Consulting, our dedicated professionals take great pride in every aspect of our clients’ websites, copywriting, branding, and SEO strategy.

If you’re ready for human intervention in your dental marketing plan, call the craftsmen at MDPM Consulting today. You’ll talk with Jill Nastasia, owner and CEO, first. Then, if you proceed, you’ll undergo a personal interview with Jill Duty, owner and COO. From there, our skilled craftsmen will develop the marketing tools and strategies your dental practice needs for optimal success. Call us today at 972-781-8861, or email info@moderndentalmarketing.com.

What makes our websites better? Craftsmanship.