Strategic Website Pages Boost Website Rankings for Dentists

When considering your dental practice’s SEO strategy, you’ll first want to select keyword phrases. These terms should be the words that you believe your potential patients will type into Google when searching for a dentist like you, with the services and experience you offer. As a dentist, not an SEO strategist, you may not know the exact phrasing a potential patient may use. Your Internet marketing consultant should massage your keyword list so that it appeals to Google and serves the searching patient – ultimately, serving you.

Once you have a list of 20 keyword phrases to promote the services you find most profitable and enjoyable, that list should become the ideal resource for everyone on your website development team. Dental copywriters will refer to the keyword list when composing pages for your website, blogs, promotional articles, and press releases. Developers and technicians will refer to the document when creating metadata, photo tags, and completing profiles for your practice across the Internet.

What I’ve just described is the formula that should be used in creating an online presence for any small business, including dental offices. But what else can you do? What will give you an edge? You could invest in an Adwords PPC campaign, but it would have no lasting value. What can you do now to serve your SEO efforts long term?

Maximize Original, SEO’d Content

Invest in content. Every month, your practice needs a copywriter to compose original blogs, articles, and social media posts for your dental office. Aside from that, your primary website should become an ever-growing library of dental information. As often as possible, at a minimum each quarter, you need to add optimized pages to your website. They don’t have to clutter your primary navigation or bog down the user experience. Instead, they can be subpages and secondary subpages to primary pages on your website.

Each new page on the site needs a slug, the extension of the URL, that is consistent with a keyword phrase from the list you made when you began working on your Internet marketing strategy. The must be completely original, not pulled from any other source. In addition, you should imbed links on keyword phrases, directing readers to related pages on your website or blog.

A great SEO copywriter, like those we have at Modern Dental Practice Marketing Consulting, will know how to optimize your page’s headings and body text for the keywords, too.

The Keys to SEO Success are Free

Some may say that I’m giving away the keys to the kingdom. On the contrary, all of what I suggest is explained on reputable SEO websites, including Google’s very own Webmaster Central Blog. The work is not in the information, but in doing what the experts suggest. Most dentists have neither the time nor desire to become SEO experts and execute a strategy, then keep up with monthly reports and updates.

If you are prepared to invest in your online presence for better rankings, more traffic, and measurable reports, call MDPM Consulting today at 972-781-8861 or email us at