What is Content Marketing for Dentists?

Shortly after the first people on our planet created written communication, humans began using the written word to promote ideas and products. Over time, written communication’s form has evolved from papyrus and ash-based ink to paper and pencil, paper and ink, paper and typewriting, to, now, the digital format we use to communicate via the Internet. Still, written communication is based in the same concept: a person shares his thoughts with others by translating those thoughts into words, and placing the characters that represent those words on visible media.

What Is Content Marketing?

Let’s think about how we use written words to promote business. Google calls this “content marketing.” The term originated around 2009 but grew wings just last year. In fact, the term rivals “search marketing” in keyword popularity. Content marketing is most often related to the Internet, though in its basic form, it could certainly cover flyers, brochures, and other print publications.

Dental Marketing Strategy

In regards to digital marketing, this chart shows that a dental website is the showcase, the most important Internet marketing asset a dentist can own. Original, search engine optimized content is essential to a website’s visibility online. News, social, and educational content support the website and give a dentist more online real estate, backlinks, and overall SEO success. Add to this a regular e-blast and/or e-newsletter program to keep your brand in front of existing patients, and you’ll round out a solid content marketing strategy.

According to a Brafton infographic:

  • 92% of respondents to a survey said that content marketing is very or somewhat effective in search engine optimization
  • 76% of marketers with strategic SEO programs invest in content marketing
  • 27 million pieces of Internet content is shared every day

An SEO Moz report shows that:

  • Visitors to a website increase as content as website pages increases
  • Websites with over 1000 pages

Dental Copywriters with SEO Experience

How can you find a reputable copywriter, with experience in dentistry? Modern Dental Marketing Consulting is one of the only dental marketing firms to employ a team of trained, SEO-savvy dental copywriters who write blogs, websites, articles, press releases, and other content for dentists.

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