Following Google’s Instructions Yields Top Rankings on Search

Have you ever thought that assembling a bicycle or desk looks easy, so you tossed aside the instructions and dived in? And, much to your chagrin, the results were poor, at best? Perhaps you had a few extra bolts after assembling the bike, or the sides of your desk were on backwards. We’ve all been there. Why do we do this? Well, if something looks easy, we assume it is. We assume that, as intelligent adults, we can do whatever we set our minds to – without help, in most cases.

When it comes to assembling a new toy, mistakes can be easily and promptly corrected. Simply remove a few screws, renegotiate, perhaps peek at the instructions, and voila: perfection. Marketing on the Internet is not so simple.

Following Instructions for Ranking Higher on Google Searches

Some Internet companies dive right in, trying to emulate what they see others do. They want fast results that pay big dividends. Well, who doesn’t? The truth is, when it comes to Internet marketing, slow and steady wins the race. Smart marketing professionals look at the instructions, like Google Webmaster Tools, and Google’s forums, blogs, and videos. Why Google? Because this particular super search engine holds 93-95% of the market share for search.

Google’s instructions are not complicated, but following the directions takes time. The key to success is creating original, well optimized information that people need. The information should be in the form of words, and the content must be original. This means, you can’t simply use articles from other sources on your website. Google looks for original information.

SEO Results Speak Volumes for Our Philosophy

I’ve removed the city or zip code from keyword phrases in this ranking report excerpt to protect the privacy of my client, but I will tell you that the dentist associated with this report is in a wealthy area near Chicago. All of the red data indicates page-one listings on Google. (GA) indicates GoogleAds, which you can see are pretty much moot because of the awesome organic rankings. (MDPM) indicates articles that we’ve published on our dental news websites, linking back to the client’s site. (YT) represents YouTube videos that we created and optimized for the client. Letters (A, D) represent map listings.

At Modern Dental Practice Marketing, we follow Google’s instructions, and our clients reap the rewards: top rankings for targeted keyword phrases. Our team of copywriters, graphic designers, programmers, and SEO experts can help your dental practice move to page one of Google, so you can see growth in 2013. For a complimentary website analysis, call Jill today at 972-781-8861.