Are Multiple Websites Good for Dentists’ SEO?

This topic is widely debated in SEO circles, and I want our clients to understand both sides of the argument, as well as why MDPM promotes microsites as a beneficial SEO strategy for dentists.

Our reasons for believing in microsites are based not on hearsay, but on experience. Many of our dentists have multiple microsites, and they’re doing very well on Google and other search engines. First, though, I need to say that the term “microsite” means different things to different people.

At MDPM, we define “microsite” as a mini-website focused on one niche, usually a service, that a doctor wants to promote. The dental microsite has multiple pages of well optimized, original, informational text about the service. In addition, the keyword strategy for a microsite is not the same as that of a website. We focus on various forms of a main keyword, as well as long-tail versions of the phrase. Another point is, because we build our microsites on WordPress, integrating a blog is easy. Blogs help any website or microsite SEO because they update the content on the site regularly, which Google likes. With all these good points, why the controversy?

The Debate Over Microsites

Some of the reasons against microsites include, Google knows when multiple websites are hosted on the same server and owned by the same company. Sites beyond the first may not get as much attention by Google. This is not proven, but some experts believe it to be true.

Reciprocal links, that is links from one site to another and vice versa, are not ideal for SEO, per Google. While this is true, deep linking keyword phrases to related content – not arbitrary content – is beneficial. This goes beyond simple reciprocal links, linking one homepage to another. We’re linking blogs to related blogs and webpages. Google values this.

Experts also believe that by building microsites, you must thin out your time spent on your overall SEO marketing and thus, you cannot work on your main site as much as you should. If an individual is trying to manage all of his or her online marketing, microsites can be overwhelming. However, when a professional Internet marketing company manages the workload and SEO research on your behalf, you can have the best of all worlds.

Strategy for a Great SEO Microsite

Each microsite should be optimized, monitored, and added to when necessary, and having a blog on a microsite is a great way to keep the content fresh. Google appreciates good information. If your microsites provide original text and useful patient education, they should rank well on search engines. However, in addition to your microsite maintenance, your main site should be monitored, optimized, and grown over time. Adding pages to your main site quarterly, and updating it as necessary to accurately reflect what’s going on in your dental practice, are great ideas for SEO.

Microsites are great for special events, special promotions, and niche services. A general dentist who wants to target dental implant patients would be wise to build a microsite on dental implants. Having a blog on the microsite is an even better strategy.

In short, microsites are not for everyone, and they aren’t beneficial to every industry. Dentists, however, are well served by quality microsites.

If you’d like to discuss microsites with a professional dental marketing firm, call MDPM today at 972-781-8861.