Does Your Dental Practice Need a Newsletter?

Newsletters are nice, but are they practical? If you’re considering a patient newsletter for your dental office, before moving forward, ask yourself a few key questions:

  • What do you hope a newsletter will do for your practice?
  • Do you want a print or e-newsletter, or would email blasts serve you better?
  • What will go in your newsletter? Is it important?
  • Will people read your newsletter? How can you know for sure?

Patient Retention & Dental Marketing

Do not do anything just because. Instead, be purposeful in business. If you think that sending a newsletter to your patient base is a good idea, define why you feel this way. Evaluate your reasoning, and if you decide to proceed, set goals. What do you want your newsletter to accomplish? Most dentists would say that the goal should be patient retention and attracting new patients. How can you focus the newsletter on your goals? Well, you should invite recipients to share the newsletter with friends and family, for starters. In addition, make sure that your logo and contact information are prominent. To remind patients about your dental practice between visits, you need to make multiple impressions on them with your brand. The more impressions you make, the more you’ll be on people’s minds, and the more likely they’ll recall your practice when asked, “Know any good dentists?”

Print vs. Email Newsletters

The benefits of email newsletters far outweigh those of print newsletters. Digital newsletters are cheaper, can be shared and forwarded, require less prep time, can be amended or revised until the moment you hit “send,” and come with important data about who opened, shared, and clicked on links. If you agree that digital communication is better than print, but you still think that a print newsletter sends a professional message that’s important to your practice’s image, you can opt for both. Perhaps, though, your print piece should be an annual publication, and your email communication should be in the form of monthly email blasts.

Dental Newsletter Content

What do people want to read? How can you create a publication that will attract and hold readers’ interest, and entice them to share or forward? First, consider that your target audience is probably women, if you have a general, family, and/or cosmetic office. Then, think about what women find interesting. Kids and animals are always a big hit. Youthfulness, beauty, health, and nutrition also carry some weight. People enjoy reading about their neighbors, as well. Your newsletter might feature a patient focus, in which a patient’s story is highlighted. It could also share news about upcoming community and school events. Perhaps recipes and parenting tips are the way to go. Ask your patients what interests them most, then cater to their interests.

Marketing Information from Newsletter Distribution Data

If you use an e-newsletter service, like Constant Contact or My Emma, you’ll have access to data about your mailings. In the admin panel, you can see how many people opened the newsletter, clicked on a link, forwarded it to a friend, posted it to social networks, opted in, or opted out. This information can help your overall marketing strategy. For instance, you can actually drill down the data to see which newsletter recipients clicked on an embedded link to a free report on Invisalign. Then, you can follow up with a call or a mailer about Invisalign.

Once Spells Failure

Do not try a newsletter, whether print or digital, just once, then stop. You cannot gauge success, improve your strategy, or make multiple brand impressions on your patients with just one newsletter. Instead, set a plan in place, and follow through. If you need assistance with dental practice newsletters or email blasts, call Modern Dental Practice Marketing. We offer practical plans for email distribution. Our content managers can compose interesting newsletters that will appeal to your target market. Then, we’ll distribute them and track the response. From there, we can strategically plan future publications, and we will adhere to a schedule – so you don’t have to worry about consistency.

Call 972-781-8861 today to discuss your dental practice newsletter and marketing plan for 2013! The new year will be here before you know it!