Video: Setting Up Google Adwords for a Dental Practice

Do Dentists Need Adwords?

We do not believe that Google Adwords works for all dentists in all situations. However, in some cases, temporary use of Adwords can help boost incoming calls until your organic SEO strategy takes hold. Good candidates for Adwords include dentists who just purchased an existing practice or are opening a new practice. A six-month Adwords campaign, for these dentists, can quickly provide page-one presence while a solid organic marketing program is being indexed by Google. In the long run, you will pay much, much more for Adwords than you will for an ethical organic campaign. In the www-world, “organic” means natural, as it does in the real world. An organic dental marketing strategy involves building dental practice websites, microsites, blogs, backlinks, and social profiles that will be indexed by Google and, ultimately, rank high for the best dental keywords, long-term.

Organic is Economical and Effective

Remember, with Adwords you will pay per click (PPC), so your account will be debited with every click. In contrast, MDPM’s organic SEO packages simply involve a monthly fee. If for any reason you decide to stop using our services, you keep everything we’ve done: your website, microsite, blogs and blogsite, social profiles, and Google rankings. You bought it, and it belongs to you! With Adwords, you aren’t investing in a tangible product. You have to feed your Adwords account financially to keep it going. When you stop paying, your campaign ends.

The point of this blog, however is to tell you: DO NOT PAY A COMPANY TO SET UP YOUR ADWORDS CAMPAIGN!

At MDPM, we don’t manage Adword accounts because it’s very easy to setup, and a dentist should set up his own account. Google has made setup simple so that anyone can create an account in a matter of minutes. How can you set up your Adwords campaign? This video offers simple instructions.

Full Service Dental Marketing

Adwords is just one small part of a dental marketing strategy. If you need a comprehensive plan that will bring you new patients for years to come, call MDPM today at 972-781-8861, or email, and we’ll analyze your online presence at no cost. Then we’ll work with you to develop a strategic dental marketing strategy that fits your budget and meets your goals.