3 Tests to Check a Dental Website for SEO

How can a dentist know if his website is optimized for search?

What does it mean if a site does not show in Google for a certain keyword search?

If your dental website, blog, or microsite has become lost in the Internet shuffle, there’s a reason. The good news is, unlike periodontal disease, not showing up on Google is curable. At MDPM, many dentists have come to us disappointed that they’ve spent thousands of dollars and waited many months, only to find that their website was never indexed properly — or not optimized properly — or not optimized at all!

To test whether your website is optimized, try this…

  1. Copy some text from your services page, paste it into the Google search bar, and hit the magnifying glass icon. The results will show you how many sites share content with yours. A well optimized website won’t have the same text as any other site. However, since many dental website companies use stock articles, you may find that your services text is on hundreds of other dentists’ sites!
  2. Try to highlight and copy the text on your page buttons, or navigation buttons. These are the buttons that say things like “home,” “services,” and “about us.” If the text cannot be copied, it’s not live — meaning it can’t be read by Google.
  3. Go to one of your services pages, and look at the URL in the address bar of your browser. You’re looking for something that starts with “www” or “http://.” The services page URL should start with your domain name, then have keywords about the page. For instance, the veneers page on Dr. Smith’s website would be well optimized if it read like this: www.smithdentistry.com/services/chicago-porcelain-veneers. Some websites’ page URLs don’t change from the homepage URL. Others don’t feature keywords, like the city and service name.

There’s a long list of items we look at when we analyze a dentist’s website. However, these three items are the most common problems. If you’re concerned that your website, blog, or microsite is not showing up in search, call us today for an analysis and consultation.