Three Important Elements of Effective Internet Dental Marketing

So you’ve decided that you want to explore the prospect of marketing your dental practice on the Internet? If you’ve done an Internet search on dental marketing, you may be feeling overwhelmed by contradictory and technical information and possibly confused by the verbiage that Internet marketers use. To help demystify SEO and Internet marketing, the experts at Modern Dental Practice Marketing discuss three important components of an effective dental marketing strategy.

# 1 Dental Website

If you’re ready to take on the world of Internet dental marketing, an SEO compatible dental website is a must. Your dental website should contain at least 25 web pages with original copy—not stock library content. In addition to original copy, which is favored by search engines like Google, you will also need the proper amount of keyword integration and metadata. Keywords and metadata help Google and other search engines scan your website and discern its relevance for web users.

#2 Dental Blog

A blog is a term used to describe a small website where regular entries are posted pertaining to certain topics. A dental blog will include regular public posts about all facets of dentistry from dental technology to patient education. Dental blogs also contain a powerful SEO and marketing tool—backlinks. For example, our dental copywriters compose blogs for our clients with strategically placed backlinks to their dental websites. Search engines use indexing spiders that jump from one link to another. Backlinks will direct search engines to your website for indexing. Over time, backlinks to your website will boost your SEO ranking and drive traffic to your dental website.

#3 Social Media Accounts

For now, Facebook seems to be the most effective social media platform in dental marketing. However, Twitter, Google Plus, and Pinterest are also becoming increasingly popular platforms for marketing and communicating with patients and consumers. Social media networking helps dentists engage with their patients in a more personal way. Posting links, videos, and blogs on Facebook can also increase traffic to your dental website and blog. Engaging with your patients helps build patient loyalty by taking an interest in your patients’ lives and wellbeing.

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