Dental Marketing: Improving Your Dental Website

Many new clients come to Modern Dental Marketing because they are unhappy with their current marketing firm or need to update and optimize an outdated dental website. Some clients come to us for dental marketing help because their current dental website lacks important SEO components such as metadata, live text, and keyword rich URLs. If you’re unhappy with your dental website’s current SEO, did you know we can transfer your site to our firm for upgrades, original copy, or new designs?

Transferring Your Dental Website

Like anything else, change is a fact of life. Because the SEO industry is constantly changing and evolving, you will need to update your dental website and/or blog from time to time. For example, years ago, flash-based code was favored in web development because it produced an attractive appearance and allowed for moving images. However, as the SEO industry changed, flash quickly became a type of code that ended up harming SEO because Google and other search engine algorithms could only read live text. In fact, many of our clients came to us because they needed a dental website upgrade with non-flash based code.

Improving Your Dental Website

At Modern Dental Practice Marketing, we update and improve our clients’ websites on a continual basis. For example, we recommend that our clients add two new pages to their dental websites at least once a year with original content composed by our team of dental copywriters. We also run SEO checkups on a regular basis to ensure that our SEO tactics yield favorable results for our clients. Like the SEO industry, your dental practice will encounter changes as well. Perhaps you have added a new associate to your team or offer a specialized service such as sleep apnea treatment, to help accurately reflect your practice, we provide practice and service updates on your dental website as part of your dental marketing package with us.

Below is an excerpt of positive feedback from one of our new clients whose site we optimized and transferred from another firm:

“My staff and I are very excited for all these changes. We’ll follow your recommendations. Also, for the first time in 3 years, we are at the first page when we google Fort Worth Braces. Great Job!!!! Thank you again.”

Ciro Cabal  DDS., MS.

To improve, upgrade, transfer, or optimize your dental website, contact our CEO, Jill at (972) 781-8861. We provide dental website design, build dental blogs and microsites, and offer original dental copywriting services.