Marketing Senior Dental Care

General dentists, as well as implant dentists and specialists, who cater to senior citizens may wonder if marketing online has any value. Eighty million people are over 65 years of age. These baby boomers are very active senior citizens, and they’re more health-conscious and image-conscious than previous generations. They also appreciate the Internet. According to an article on

  • 42% of seniors use social media.
  • In the US, 16 million people over 55 use Facebook.
  • 15% of people over 65 use smartphones.
  • AARP is on Twitter and Facebook.
  • The oldest Internet users are nearly 30% more likely to type a full URL into search, rather than a keyword query.
  • 16% of people 50-65 years of age have used online search for information about long-term elderly care; this age group is providing care for their 70+ parents.

Research from eMarketers report tells us:

  • 74% of seniors use the Internet once a month. (This seems high to us at MDPM.)
  • 21% of boomers say they don’t have access to the web.
  • Younger boomers use the Internet more than older boomers; women more than men.
  • 54% of baby boomers say that the media misrepresents them.

A Website Built for Boomers

In addition to direct mail, newspaper, radio, and television advertising, baby boomers look to the Internet for service providers, particularly when inquiring about health services. To appeal to these potential patients, your website needs to cater to their preferences and limitations.

FONT: Large, non-script print is best. Too much text can be overwhelming. There should be drastic contrast between the text color and background so that the website is easily read.

PHOTOS: Use age-appropriate photos for your demographic. Stock photography should depict baby boomers enjoying life. Pets are popular for this age group, so images of people with their animals is a good avenue. Do not use clinical photos that show extremely damaged dentition or blood and surgery. Save the clinical photos for your peers. If you want to depict procedures, rely on illustrations rather than actual photographs.

COLORS: According to research, the favorite colors of people 50-69 are (in order from most to least): blue, purple, red, orange, yellow, gray, black. People over seventy like blue the most, with white coming in second.

FOCUS: What do boomers want? They want to trust you and feel respected. Do not waste their time or make them uncomfortable. Don’t portray them as younger than they are. They want a user-friendly website and a warm welcome. (

Building a Better Boomer Website

Dentists need a marketing partner who understands their target market, practice philosophy, and business goals. At MDPM, we thoroughly interview our clients to find answers to these important points before we begin designing blogs and websites. To talk with MDPM about marketing your dentist office to seniors, or baby boomers, call Jill today at 972-781-8861.