Dental Marketing: Tips for Taking Dental Practice Photos

An effective dental marketing strategy should involve an accurate portrayal of your practice and your practice philosophy. Having photos of your office and employees on your dental website is an excellent way to incorporate your image on the Internet. Typically when someone is planning on taking a professional photo—the first thing they’ll do is choose a lens. For taking a photo of a room, you will want a “wide angle” lens. This means a lens such as the Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8. This is probably the widest lens you’ll want to use—any wider and you’ll get too much distortion. Another lens that could work is the Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8. The closer to 70, the more narrow the picture. The closer to 24, the wider the picture (you’ll capture more of the room).

As for settings, either of these lenses would get a great picture with the automatic setting. If you want to use manual settings, it becomes a little more complicated. There are 3 main adjustments that are made when shooting with a manual setting; aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. All of these things will depend on what kind of lighting your room has. Make sure you turn on all the lights and open all the windows in the office before you begin taking pictures.

Dental Practice Photos

APERTURE (f-stop) – The lower the number, the more light it lets which means that picture will appear brighter. For example, an aperture of f/2.8 will let in plenty of light while f/5.6 is best used outdoors when the sun is high in the sky. Use the wheel to adjust the levels of light for your needs.

SHUTTER SPEED – This is how fast the camera snaps pictures. The higher the number, the faster the camera takes a picture. People use really high shutter speeds when they’re capturing a soccer game where people are in motion. High shutter speeds are usually unnecessary for indoor photography where objects and persons are not moving. Lighting also plays a factor in choosing your speed as well. The lower the number, the more light the camera lets in. If your shutter speed is at 40, it’s going to let in a ton of light. We actually want this when doing indoor photography. Use the wheel to adjust accordingly.

ISO – This is where photographers usually start. This also controls light (everything is based on light). This will be the opposite of the light rules applied in aperture and shutter speed. When you’re taking pictures outside where the sun is bright and shining, you normally want to set the ISO on the lowest setting (number). When taking indoor photos, such as dental practice photos, you will want to set the number higher. If you go too high the pictures can appear grainy, though. For this function, you’ll need to hold down the “ISO” button as you turn the wheel to change the setting.

Our graphic designer at Modern Dental Marketing suggests (if you want to try the manual way) that our clients start with these settings:

Aperture – f/ 2.8
Shutter – 80
ISO – 800

Too bright? Try raising the aperture, raising the shutter or lowering the ISO.
Too dark? Try lowering the shutter or raising the ISO.
If all else fails, the “AUTO” setting is always a good option!

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