Dental Marketing: Managing Your Web Presence

Managing your presence on the Internet can be a daunting and time consuming task. As a dentist, you know firsthand that your reputation is important—especially among your patients and in your community. You’re probably also aware that the Internet allows for people to anonymously leave reviews, negative feedback, and comments on a myriad of websites. In addition to this potential problem, updating your social media accounts, dental websites, and writing your own blogs is also a time-consuming endeavor. Fortunately, the gurus at Modern Dental Marketing can do all of this and more for our clients.

Web Presence Management

At Modern Dental Marketing, we understand the importance of your reputation as a dental professional. As marketing experts who understand the nature of the dental industry, we launch campaigns to encourage your patients to leave positive feedback on Yelp, Google + Local, and social media outlets such as Facebook. In recent months, search engines have shifted from a global focus to a more local approach for delivering results to web users. Our goal at MDPM is to accurately portray our clients as local experts.

Social Media Management

In the last two years, social media has proven to be a cost-efficient and effective marketing tool for marketing to people on a large scale. For dentists, social media can boost the likelihood that you achieve local expert status and also help you establish strong relationships with your patients. Should you chose MDPM as your marketing team, we will promote your blogs for you on Facebook and set up your Google+ Local page—formerly known as Google Places. For our clients who want to utilize social media to its fullest potential, we also offer enhanced social media packages, where our social media experts will manage all your social media accounts and interact with web users and your patients. An enhanced social media package may help foster a more interactive environment and promote your name and practice in community.

Updating Your Dental Website and Blog

From time to time your dental website will need updates. At MDPM we update our clients’ websites and blogs as part of monthly support and hosting. For example, if you would like us to write a short biography for a new employee or add a new page on your dental services, we will gladly keep your site up to date and your patients informed. Google appreciates and rewards businesses that regularly update their websites.

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