SEO for Dentists: What You Need from Your Dental Marketing Company

Are you looking for a dental marketing firm to take the reins of your Internet marketing strategy? Many of our clients find that marketing their dental practice is too complicated and time consuming to handle on their own. For this reason, our satisfied clients have elected to turn their dental marketing over to our team. Have you ever wondered what you need to look for in a dental marketing company? The gurus at Modern Dental Practice Marketing offer some no-nonsense tips.

Graphic Design for Dentists

Modern Dental Practice Marketing is proud to offer our clients an in-house graphic designer. We don’t outsource to freelancers — and we certainly don’t look overseas for great graphic design. To effectively build a cohesive online image, you will need a dental practice logo and custom designs to create an Internet presence that blends seamlessly from your dental blog to your dental website. On top of creating custom logos, our graphic designers produce beautiful dental website design with a local flare your potential patients will appreciate.

Dental Writers

Because Google favors original content over stock articles, you need original copy on your website and blog. Fortunately, MDPM offers a team of talented copywriters trained to understand complex dental procedures and the ever-changing landscape of the SEO industry. Each MDPM client dentist is assigned a content manager with whom they will have direct contact, so your philosophy and dental services will be accurately reflected on your website and blog.

Programmers and Tech Support

When building, maintaining, and hosting a custom dental website, we offer our clients a top-notch tech team with expertise in using SEO-friendly code, such as jQuery (rather than Flash). Our tech team is directly available to our clients for routine dental website updates and to quickly addresses any tech issues or updates.

Modern Dental Practice Marketing is proud to offer our dentists all of the necessary resources and talent to kickstart a successful dental marketing campaign on the web — and to keep it going long term. In addition to dental websites, blogs, and tech support, we also provide custom newsletters, social media management, and dental microsites.

To talk about your SEO, dental website design, and dental marketing, contact our CEO, Jill at (972) 781-8861 or send us an e-mail at