“Find Us On Facebook”: What You Need to Know About Edgerank

In the past, we have blogged on the importance of social media in building a web presence and attracting SEO attention. Major corporations and high-profile public figures utilize Facebook to connect with their consumers and audiences. As Google uses algorithms to determine a website’s page rank, Facebook also employs similar technology for generating what types of objects show up in newsfeeds and searches. This technology is called Edgerank. Facebook posts, pictures, and comments are analyzed into data which ultimately affects how your business page will appear on other’s newsfeeds.

Engaging Your Patients on Facebook

For our clients with Facebook pages, we want to ensure that your business page shows up in your clients’ newsfeeds. In layman’s terms, you want Facebook’s algorithms to acknowledge your page. Below are a few tips to help promote your Facebook business page and increase your Edgerank.

  • Build followers. When your patients come in for treatment and dental checkups, encourage them to “like” your page on Facebook.
  • Encourage interaction! Aside from posting oral health articles or blog posts, provide status updates that encourage your clients to comment. For example, post a status update asking them to tell you what their favorite brand of toothpaste is. The more interaction and activity on your page the better.
  • We’ve encouraged our clients to comment before in previous blog posts. Devote a few minutes a day commenting on your patients’ Facebook walls. A simple happy birthday comment on a user’s wall can increase “likes” to your business page.
  •  Your comments and the comments on your business page increase the chance of your posts ending up on a patient’s newsfeed. Inactive business pages tend to be hidden on other user’s newsfeeds.
  • Edgerank researchers have found that asking questions prompts more “likes”. Remember the five W’s: who, what, when, where, and why. This can significantly increase user feedback which ultimately promotes your page to new people.
  • Researchers have noticed that media is more likely to appear in newsfeeds than simple status updates. Photos, videos, and links to articles on the internet increase the chances of your page attracting Facebook’s attention.

Consider social media, such as a Facebook, an effective and inexpensive marketing tool. By simply committing to spending a few minutes a day, you can increase your web presence and potentially gain new patients!