More SEO Hype about Panda 3.4 Update

I received an email yesterday, as did many website owners I’m sure, from a company called Mosaic. The email warned: “Watch out! You may still be unaware of the latest version of Google Panda 3.4 update! ” Well, I keep on top of Google and am subscribed to the Google Webmaster Tools Blog. I didn’t recall anything about this recent update’s importance. Google rolls out a huge number of updates, but not all are important.

The email went on to share some good information about the importance of high quality, original, informational content. Yes, I thought, good content is essential to good dental website rankings and a doctor’s overall Internet presence.

The email said that backlinks should come to a site from reliable, related websites for maximum positive impact on search engine optimization. This, too, is true. I’ve been writing about it for years on the MDPM blog.

The email said that social sharing buttons, local search listings, and again, original content, is important. Yes, yes, and yes.

I wondered, what’s new about this? What spurred this email blast, and what can I learn from it? A quick Google search for Panda 3.4 update revealed that the update actually transpired back in march and changed less than 1.6% of search queries, which is only a big number if it affects you. Overall, the Panda 3.4 update was simply a refresh — not news.

I’m telling you this because I hate to see dentists get scammed. I constantly get calls from my clients asking about the legitimacy of phone calls “from Google” and domain name registry expiration notices, or emails like the one I got from Mosaic. As MDPM clients, my dentists know that they can call me for the latest information. They have my cell phone number and email address. For them, finding out whether a letter from Domain Registry of America is a real concern requires one phone call — to me.

I do keep on top of the scams, as well as the important updates from Google. Next time you answer your phone and are told to please hold for important information regarding your Google Places listing, hang up and call me at 972-781-8861. At Modern Dental Practice Marketing, my expert dental copywriters, website designers and developers, and SEO techs help dentists by providing quality information and Internet marketing results. We use websites, blogs, and content management — as well as videos, SEO, and social media — to get dentists new patients.

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