Dental Website Design & Development, A to Z

There are many paths that lead to a dental website, but if you want to do things right the first time, there’s just one route to take.

Logo Design

A dentist should first decide upon a logo that will become a thread running throughout all of his marketing. The logo is the starting point for building a brand, and your brand is the image and feeling people experience when they think about your dental practice. What do you feel when you see the golden arches? Perhaps you remember visiting McDonalds with your grandparents or kids. Maybe you think about your favorite Mc-hamburger or the cool, rich flavor of a chocolate milkshake.

When people see your logo, it should inspire the image that you want to convey. Think about that when you begin your dental practice logo design project. What do you want to people to think of when they see your dental practice logo?

Social Marketing

After your logo design, you’ll need to start a blog and set up social marketing profiles for your dental practice. Claim your Google Places listing, create a Facebook business page, and blog weekly (at a minimum) about your services and expertise. This will begin to give you a presence on Google and other search engines, even before your website is created.

Website Domains

You should also purchase a domain name; purchase several, if you like. Your blog will reside on one, and your website on another. The leftover domains in your account can be redirected to your website. You can use them for additional webpages later.

Website Design

Now it’s time to begin your website design. Because you started with a logo, you already have a good idea of the image you want to convey. A graphic designer can work with you to create a website design and layout that appeals to you. All of the text on your website should be original if you want to rank high on Google. So, either you or a dental copywriter must compose unique content for your dental practice website. Once the content and design are approved, a developer will build your website.

Website Development

A good developer will know the latest and best strategy for coding. He’ll use SEO boosting tactics, such as jQuery instead of Flash, live text, and metadata. Your website can go live immediately. However, at MDPM, we prefer to place your fully functional website on a staging domain — so only you and we can view it. This allows you the opportunity to make final changes before the site is transferred to your domain.

Ongoing Website SEO & Support

When your dental website is live on your domain, the project does not end. You need to install Google Analytics to track traffic. In addition, you should target your blogs around keywords that potential patients are using. At MDPM, we build an editorial calendar to organize keywords and blog topics, then we research web rankings based on those keywords. Paying attention to rankings and traffic is great, but only if we learn and grow from our efforts. After reviewing the data, our support department will wors with our developers and copywriters to tweak elements of your website and blog so that you achieve higher Google rankings in the future.

Website maintenance is an ongoing job. A website should grow and change with your dental practice, and your blog and social networking profiles should stay up to date. Marketing in the digital age is much different than it was even ten years ago. It’s up to you, as a dentist and small business owner, to make the most of modern marketing.

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