“What makes an effective dental website?”

Do you need a website for your dental practice? Do you need to know what it takes to make a great website?  An effective dental website pleases two different audiences. Your site should appeal to both potential patients and search engines. The experts at Modern Dental Marketing offer some insight on what types of characteristics make a great dental website.

Original Copy

One of the most important components of an effective dental website is originality. The words that fill the pages of your dental website should be written just for you. Using stock material from libraries will quickly fail to impress the search engines that will determine your website’s ranking. Your website’s copy should convey knowledge and expertise of dentistry with impeccable punctuation, spelling, and grammar.

Complete List of Services

Your dental services section should contain a complete list of services with web pages dedicated to restorative, cosmetic, and preventive dentistry. Potential patients searching for a dentist on the web may type in a specific service that they need such as root canal therapy or porcelain veneers. By having a complete list of services, search engines will drive traffic to your site from specific keyword entries. Full descriptions of services also provide Internet users with a well-rounded view of your areas of focus.

About Page

An about page is one of the most highly viewed pages of a dental website. An about page should contain biographical information on you and your staff. Your biography should list your professional affiliations, years of experience, and your credentials.

Contact and Location Information

In addition to listing your dental practice’s address and phone number on your contact page, using a map of your location and links to Google Places offers convenience to potential patients browsing your website. Your contact and location page should also list neighboring cities or communities that you serve. This will help search engines bring local traffic to your website.

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