How to Write a Dental Blog

Sure, we write hundreds of blogs each month, and we are dental blog experts. However, composing a good blog is not magic. Any dentist can write a blog — it might require editing and revision — but it can be done. For dentists who want better Google rankings and more website traffic, I recommend more blogging. Our copywriters compose blogs daily, a few days per week, and weekly for various dentists across the country. We can give you more blog posts.

But YOU can also write some blog posts! Mixing it up is a great idea, and you can put a personal touch on your blogs that only you can offer.

Here’s a simple formula, known as AIDA, to help you get started. Remember, after composing your post, be sure to ask your regular blog writer, an English teacher, or a local grammarian to edit and revise your work.

Paragraph One, Attention: Start with a headline and statement that will grab your readers’ attention. A startling statistic or statement can make a good first impression. Example – Are You in the Top 1%? Discuss how only one percent of humans to through life without having a cavity.

Paragraph Two, Interest: Build on your opening statement with interesting data and facts. Incorporate a testimonial or case description. You can incorporate bullet points to create a visually interesting and scannable format. Example – Common causes of tooth decay, how decay develops, little-known facts about S. mutans and the effects of untreated decay

Paragraph Three, Desire: What do you want your reader to do or desire as a result of your blog post? Develop an emotional connection to your reader in this paragraph, and be persuasive to achieve your goal. Example – Discuss how modern tooth-colored composite resin fillings can make you look like you never had a cavity

Paragraph Four, Action: Tell your readers how to act upon the desire you created in them. Example: This is where you say your name, expertise, dental office, and how to contact you for an appointment

Want a few more tips? No problem.

  • Include keywords
  • Use subheadings
  • Link keywords to related website pages
  • Post your blog’s URL link to your Facebook page

If you don’t want to write more blogs, but you do want better SEO, call MDPM today at 972-781-8861, and let’s discuss your rankings. We can make suggestions for your blog, website, social networking, and even your brand, to help you become more successful online and in your community.