The Truth About Page One Google Results Promises

No One But Google Can Truthfully Promise a Ranking Position — and that’s the truth.

Dentists are constantly pestered with emails about how they should go with a shiny new SEO strategy for first page Google results. If you’re looking for the facts, this blog should help you. The text in italics was sent to a dentist by an SEO company promising page one results. I’ve included the company’s comments in italics. My response to the issues are in straight text. If you have further questions, feel free to email me for answers! I’m jill — @ —

…here are some keywords people were typing in you area as of yesterday and how many people were searching…

CONSIDERATIONS: Where did this information come from? I’m not getting the same results from Google Adwords Tool, and Google holds over 90% of the search engine market and 95% of the mobile search market. The keywords indicated below are not geo-targeted. Furthermore, if a local search was conducted (he was signed into his Google account and specifically searching Corona, CA), his own unique user data would be a factor, which completely negates the data.

Dental implants 512 – My research on Google Adwords Tool shows that competition is high, and there are thousands of local searches for this term. High competition means that a ton of dentists are fighting for page one results.

BETTER – implant dentist corona, corona implant dentist, dental implants corona, corona dental implants, implant dentures corona, corona implant dentures

Invisalign 815 – My research shows competition as medium, thousands of local searches.

BETTER – corona Invisalign, corona clear braces, adult braces corona, teen braces corona, removable braces corona

Cosmetic Dentist 836 – Research shows competition as high, thousands of local searches.

BETTER – corona cosmetic dentist, cosmetic dentist corona, corona cosmetic dentists, cosmetic dentists corona, dental makeover corona, smile makeover corona

Veneers 625 – high, thousands of local searches

BETTER – corona porcelain veneers, corona dental veneers, dental veneers corona

Dentist 1,056 – Medium competition, but over a million local searches.

BETTER – corona dentist, medium with 2400 local searches a month

Also, dentist corona, dentists corona, corona dentists, corona general dentist, corona family dentist, family dentist corona, general dentist corona

and these would be clients calling you if you were on the first page – This is simply not true. A fraction may call you IF you are the result they are looking for. Example: “veneers” is listed above. This word can refer to carpentry, flooring, and many other types of veneers. Without the qualifier “dental,” the results may not be what the searcher wants. Who cares if you’re on page-one for veneers if the people searching for veneers are in the market for a wooden veneer for their closet door?

Success comes to those who follow Google’s suggestions for SEO: produce a ton of original content, stocked with keyword phrases that relate to your services. Some experts will tell you that Google doesn’t tell us what to do – they keep secrets. While we don’t get the full story, Google DOES tell us what to do on their Webmaster Tools Blog and support forums.

In addition to original, keyword-rich content, backlinks TO the content from other websites can significantly help with SEO. (This is the philosophy behind having a separate blog and website domain.) The more content you produce, the more keyword variations you’ll hit, meaning that whether a potential cosmetic dentistry patient is searching for whiter teeth, porcelain veneers, veneers, smile makeover, corona cosmetic dentist, or “how to get a beautiful smile like Julia Roberts,” your blog will come up in the results. The more testimonials you have on Yelp!, Google Places, and Facebook, the more content is associated with you, then the higher you’ll rank for various keyword phrases.

You have to look at the overall picture, NOT just your website’s SEO. At MDPM, we check rankings for all domains that hold sites or blogs, plus results from social networks, maps, and review sites. All of these results factor in when considering a doctor’s web presence.

Having multiple websites and blogs will allow your name to come up multiple times on page one for targeted keywords. Our clients often show up 5, 6, 7 times on page one because we maintain their Google Places listing, Facebook page, blog, website, etc.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, NO ONE – that’s N O  O N E—can guarantee page one results. They can work hard to get page one results for certain keyword phrases, and they may have great success overall, but unless they ARE Google, they cannot predict what Google will do. Same goes for Facebook, etc. Listings will change as new algorithm changes are rolled out. Your SEO company has to stay in tune with the nuances of the changes in order for you to successfully compete online.