5 Ways to Boost Local Buzz About Your Dental Office

At MDPM, we work on local marketing with an Internet strategy, but dentists should participate in other forms of local marketing to make a name for their practice in their community. While the web can bring you a host of new patients, boosting local buzz will improve word-of-mouth referrals and brand recognition for your office. These 5 tasks could significantly improve your local popularity.

Partner Up: Regardless of whether you live in the same town where you practice, get to know small business owners around your office. I’m not suggesting you join the chamber of commerce. Take a more grass-roots approach. Plan a day when you go into businesses and introduce yourself. You might ask business owners if they’d like to submit a guest blog for your blogsite. Perhaps the owner would link swap with you—post your website link on their site, you post theirs on your site. Getting to know other business owners can ground you within your community and put a face behind your brand.

Plan an Event: Everyone loves to have fun, so plan to host an event at your office. The type of event should be determined by seasonal influences, weather, and your location. For instance, if you have a small office that’s on the third floor of an office building, you can’t very well host a family fun day or dog show. However, you could host a private wine-and-cheese mixer for local realtors. Why? Because realtors know EVERYONE!

Volunteer Locally: Many dentists are philanthropists, sharing their services with underprivileged populations across the globe. However, opportunities for local volunteerism are all around you. Sponsor a team workday, gardening for an elderly patient. Or, if you prefer, host a dental care day at your local elementary school. When you do volunteer locally, be sure to blog about it, post photos on Facebook, and distribute a press release to local newspapers.

Call On the Kids: Connect with your community’s high-school booster clubs for band, football, cheerleading, and other sports. Find out how you can support the teams and get your name in front of students and parents. You might rent a space on the football stadium’s score board, provide free athletic Mouthguards for the soccer team, or donate lunch during a cheerleader workshop. Get photos with your team at school sports events and competitions, and pepper your office walls with them. People LOVE to see their kids and neighbors in photographs.

Get Visible: Savvy dentists invest in a memorable logo. They also make sure that logo, and their brand, is highly visible on signage. In addition to signs, though, your logo should be scattered about town. Consider your options: newspaper, magazines, rented space for a sign (football scoreboard, grocery store carts), movie theater advertisements, t-shirts for patients, ads in the school paper and yearbook. What’s the most effective? The answer depends on your community’s demographics and trends. Bottom line is, the more your logo is out there, the more people will know who you are.

Modern Dental Practice Marketing offers comprehensive Internet marketing for dentists. We provide completely custom websites, as well as blogsites, blog content, content marketing, social networking, and search engine optimization. However, we’re always happy to share advice and ideas to help our clients improve their overall marketing strategies, on-line and off!