Selecting Keywords for Dental Websites and Blogs

Let’s talk about keywords for a minute. I read an article today at, and it made some valid points that I want to translate to dental marketing. Author Jenny Jalasz tells us that coming up with keywords is a process that involves breaking information into three areas. I’ve always done this in my own way, but Jalasz defined the procedure by baby steps.

After you do an interview a dentist about your website, blog, and Internet marketing strategy, what happens next? In addition to the design process, research should be conducted to determine the best keywords to target; this means, we have to determine which words your potential patients type into Google’s browser. Then, we have to use those words in your SEO strategy.

In the interview, a dentist might share a list of industry terms—words that he and his fellow clinicians use when discussing dentistry. This is list one. The SEO researcher should take those words and put them into layman’s terms. This is list two. List three should specify words that the doctor does not want to include in his SEO strategy. A general dentist’s list might look like this:

  • List one [words the doctor uses]: periodontal disease, bone grafting, deep dental cleanings, periodontal surgery
  • List two [layman’s terms/alternative ideas for list one]: gum disease, oral surgery, dental cleaning, gum surgery, red gums, swollen gums, painful gums, why do my gums bleed, why gums bleed
  • List three [words that represent things doctor does not offer]: jaw surgery, dental implants, dentures, chewing gum, children’s dentistry, cosmetic dentistry

The next step is to take list two and input the words into Google Adwords Tool. From there, we can see synonyms and suggestions from Google, based on keywords that are popular. This allows us to better understand the keywords your potential patients are using. We tweak list two, based on the findings, then implement an SEO strategy that takes into account your overall web presence. Your keywords should be applied to all online content produced for your practice: blogs, articles, website, etc.

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