What is Content Marketing for Dentists and Small Businesses?

Experts tell us that social networking is the future of marketing. Just as every dentist (and every business) needs a website today, tomorrow everyone will need to be plugged in to social media. Have you heard the term content marketing? It has to do with creating original content—like articles, blog posts, videos, and photos—then sharing it online. The hope is, the content will draw interest from your social fans, followers, and friends, and they’ll share it with their fans, followers, and friends. This is how content goes viral. A piece of content could be shared exponentially, creating a ton of traffic to your website, blog, and, hopefully, office. This infographic explains viral marketing. The problem is, no one ever knows what piece of content will take hold.

Fortunately, there are other benefits to content marketing. When you share your content on multiple social networks, and link your share back to the original source (your blog, website, Facebook page, for example), Google places value on the backlink. This means, sharing your original content source is good for your overall SEO strategy.

Let’s look at what’s going on in social media today:

“Spreading unique, helpful bits within the industry or with consumers creates brand awareness, new customers and client loyalty.” – Mashable.com

“… [Pintrest is] driving more traffic to company websites and blogs than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined, according to a recent report from Cambridge, Mass.-based content-sharing site Shareaholic.” – Entrepreneur.com

LinkedIn on Thursday announced it has 150 million members in its network, a 20 million increase over November.” –  Mashable.com

And, you probably know the answer to this… What’s the best form of marketing? Word of mouth. The only investment is the one you’re already making—quality care and great service. In this age, word of mouth has morphed into an animal that is both physical and dental. This Standard.net article explains word-of-mouth and word-of-mouse marketing.

Want to rule on the Internet? Just as the first dentists with websites now reap the benefits of awesome traffic, the first dentists to embrace social and content marketing will see great results in a few years. Yes, these things take time. That’s not to say you won’t get any new patients from your efforts immediately, but you need to understand that consistency and longevity are key to growing a social and content marketing program.

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