Introduction to Jill Duty, MDPM’s COO

“Here Comes the Sun” is my favorite Beatles song. Steel Magnolias is my favorite movie, though You’ve Got Mail takes a close second place. To Kill a Mockingbird is the best book ever written, and it makes a great play. Stephen the King is my favorite modern writer. My parents were hippies, but I grew up in DFW, so I’m kind of like Dharma with a job. All of this makes no difference whatsoever to my clients, but these days, the trend in bios is to include personal information — so there you go.

Now to the facts that matter.

What I Have in Common with Dentists

Coming from parents who love nature and place more value on living life than on making money, and being that my mother is a nurse, it seems logical that I landed in a health-related industry. As is true with most passionate professionals, I fell in love with my trade — writing — early in life. Words are awesome. They are scribbled symbols that convey an entire idea from one mind to another. Being in the dental industry today is quite a trip. The research linking oral to overall health is so interesting that I tend to lose hours and days researching new discoveries. The best part of my job, though, is interviewing dentists and talking shop with my clients. I love to hear different philosophies and schools of thought regarding clinical care, and contemporary technology for diagnosis and minimally invasive treatment can keep me chatting for aeons. In short, I am a nerd at heart. I find that this is a common thread between my clients and me.

Professional Writing and Editing Experience

I’ve written a ton — over one thousand dental websites, articles, and blog posts for dentists in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the UK, and I was Editor-in-Chief for one of the most popular websites for dentists– My expertise in dental marketing has been honed over years of interviewing, studying, and writing about the biggest names, products, technology, and procedures in the dental field. My articles on dental marketing and blogging have been published on many websites, including Dental Products Report and Modern Hygienist. In addition, I have led telecourses, webinars, and conference presentations on Internet marketing (as well as story composition). Before entering the dental copywriting field, I was a successful freelancer, with articles in national and regional print publications and on popular websites. A few of my short stories can be found in anthologies at Barnes and Noble, as well.

My Passion for Private Practice

For generations, my family members have been small business owners or freelancers in industries ranging from printing and journalism to medicine and consulting to used car sales and barbering. The philosophy of “small business” is the very essence of what makes America amazing. For doctors who face the struggles of the small business owner, I have sincere empathy…because I’m in that same boat! As a doctor in private practice, there is great weight on your shoulders. Not only do your patients depend on you for excellent clinical care and service, but your team members and your family rely on your success for their success. I’m honored to help dentists excel in private practice.

I take my clients’ reputation seriously and continually stay on top of all aspects of the dental industry, including clinical procedures, technology, philosophies for care, state board marketing laws, and ADA guidelines for marketing. In addition, I keep one eye on Google at all times to remain in touch with the most recent and effective white-hat SEO tactics. All of this information is applied to training my content managers, web writers, and graphic designers, so they have the tools and knowledge to adhere to the high standards I set for serving clients.

To talk with me, call 972-781-8861 or email

“Choose a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” – Confucius