Digital and Social Media for Dentists

Vocus, a “cloud-based marketing and PR software” company, published a report called “State of the Media Report 2012: Evolving and Merging.” In it, we’re told that while pictures and video are becoming increasingly more important in PR, content that’s clear, concise, and compelling is still very important. And, furthermore, “Now, more than ever, we are seeing a crossover between mediums [digital and social media].”

What does this mean to you, a dentist?

  1. Content is king.
    In this order, you need a website, Facebook page, blog, microsites, other social media, articles with backlinks, more microsites, more blogs, more social media interaction.
  2. You must engage in social media.
    Every day, post original blurbs, ideas, comments, trivia, recipes, whatever you want on Facebook, and don’t neglect commenting on your fans’ posts. Once Facebook is mastered, add Google+ and Twitter.
  3. If you aren’t marketing online, you aren’t marketing.
    More than a few studies tell us, your potential patients are online. They aren’t looking at the Yellow Pages to find a dentist. Besides word-of-mouth referrals, online marketing is your best bet for attracting new patients.

How can you apply this to your marketing plan?

At MDPM, we have a staff (in our office, not overseas) of trained dental copywriters who understand the dental industry, dental patients, and SEO. Our entire business model hinges on original content, so we can write your website, blogs, articles, and other content. We can also set up your social networking profiles and show you how to use them—or we can do social networking for you. A dental copywriter will provide original posts for you every weekday. We don’t auto-generate posts and won’t send out the same post on all of your profiles. Each post will be unique to ensure that your followers get good information, not social SPAM.

For dentists who have no Internet presence, we can start from step one, building a brand, logo, website, and blog for you. A comprehensive telephone interview kicks off the process. During this call, we’ll learn about your practice, as well as your goals, concerns, and expectations. Then we will work with you or someone on your team, or your dental consultant, to implement marketing plan that will earn you new patients.

Once you’re and MDPM client, we’re available by phone and email to offer marketing consulting at no additional cost. We’ll become part of your team, offering expert advice and tracking your online success.

Call Modern Dental Practice Marketing at 972-781-8861 or email us today to get started!