Google Plus Your World and Dental Marketing

A new year, in this generation, brings changes from Google, along with a landslide of projections about marketing trends. Last year, while Jill and I were at the Chicago Midwinter, Google rolled out Panda. This bulk of changes to Google’s algorithm prioritized original text, which only proved that MDPM’s approach to Internet marketing is on target.

Any time now, Google will launch it’s 2012 overhaul, Search Plus Your World. This article explains the changes in detail. If you prefer the short version, here you go.

When you’re logged into your Google account, Google is going to integrate your personal search preferences and trends with the results you see on SERPs (search engine results pages). If you shared a photo of your puppy with 10 people and you do a search for puppy photos, your shared photo will come up in the results with a note reminding you of how many times you shared it. Rest assured, Facebook and Twitter are not allowing Google to infiltrate personal data (or so we’re told), but Google+ is fair game. We’re promised that the results are personal to the user and won’t compromise privacy.

What will Google Plus Your World do for dentists? Maybe nothing. Or, if you play the Google game, maybe a lot!

After researching Google Plus Your World, I believe that dentists may benefit IF and ONLY IF their administrative team gets on board with sharing education by email. Here’s the scenario…

A mom brings her kiddo in for a checkup. Everything goes well. Upon checkout, your front desk administrator asks the mom if she can send her an email with tips on oral healthcare for kids. The mom says, “sure!” Your employee goes to your website, cuts and pastes the content from your kids’ page, along with the link, and emails it to the mom.

Google sees that the info was shared and thinks, “This is good stuff because people are sharing it!” Boom. You get more Google credit.

In addition, the mom has an email she can forward to friends, and you’ve made one MORE impression of your brand in her mind. Also, her sharing your info will put you in her personal search results memory forever. Nice. It’s a win-win.

Now, what happens if you don’t get on board with Google Plus Your World? Maybe nothing, unless your local peers are on board. This year will be about sharing information, both by email and in social networking circles. Stay ahead of the curve by taking the proverbial bull by the horns and harnessing it for your gain.

If you’re an MDPM client, ask about a launch call for your 2012 marketing. We’ll be happy to host an interactive marketing training call with your team–at no cost. In addition, if you’d like regular social networking posts, ask about our new daily posting program. Our goal is your success! For more info, call Jill at 970-781-8861 today.