Answers to Questions About Dentists Emails

G-Mail has a new look this week (you can opt in if on the bottom right), and if the business themes doesn’t make you nuts, there are some great ones to choose from. But all that aside, I want to answer a few questions about email for a dentist’s office. Email is essential in business communication, and dentists don’t get an exemption.

Does a dentist really need an email address on the practice website?

YES! Welcome to 2011, folks. Your patients need to be able to reach you by email, and someone at your front desk should answer emails just like she answers the telephone.Your main office email address should be something like office@yourdomain or Other popular options are appointment@, info@, contact@.

Where should I advertise my email address?

A good rule of thumb is, if you’re adding your phone number, add your email. This holds true for business cards and office collateral, on your website, blog, local listings, social profiles, and in print ads, on your signage and door, and on  videos, TV ads, and radio ads.Do you need domain-based email?

Not really. It’s kind of nice to have for your staff and info@ email addresses, but it isn’t necessary. The benefits are, it looks nice and people tend to remember domain-based emails if your domain is memorable. The flaws are, if your server goes down, so does your email. At MDPM, we use GoDaddy, and they seldom have server issues.

Which email provider is best?

We recommend G-Mail. It’s reliable and user friendly. G-Mail offers a corporate email account program, but it’s not necessary for most small practices. You can import your G-Mail to Outlook if you like, or you can import other email addresses to your G-Mail account.

How do I set my signature and add my dental logo?

It really depends on which email service you use. I’ll explain how to do it in G-Mail. Look for the cog in the upper right corner of your G-Mail screen. Click on it, then select Mail Settings. Under the General tab, scroll down to the Signature section. From the dropdown menu, choose the account you’d like to add a signature to. Type out your signature text, and use the WYSIWYG tools to change font size, color, add links, etc. To add your logo or icons (like Facebook), you’ll need the URL of the image on your website or blog. Click the photo icon in the toolbar, then insert the URL. If you don’t know how to put your image on a URL, ask us. You can also embed a link on the image, if you like.

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