Google AdWords Express FAQs

Dentists often ask me about Google AdWords. This week alone, we’ve fielded at least three questions, and it’s only Wednesday. I also received a $100 AdWords Express coupon in the mail. AdWords isn’t new, but I wondered what the Express signifies. So now, in addition to clients asking me questions about AdWords, I had a few of my own!

I hope this helps. Keep in mind, I’m not promoting the use of AdWords here, and no paid advertisement can take the place of solid organic listings, which you earn by publishing original, well optimized text on your website and blog.

What is Google AdWords?

Directly from Google:Google AdWords is a service that lets you create and run ads for your business, quickly and simply. Run your ads on Google and our advertising network — no matter what your budget, you’ll only pay when people click your ads. Just visit to get started.”

That definition is accurate. What’s not covered here is that you will fund an account with an amount of your choosing, say $250 per month. Then you’ll choose keywords that have a monetary value. Your AdWords advertisement will come up when people in your area search for the keywords you indicate. When someone clicks on your ad, your account will be debited the value of that keyword. While it’s true that you’ll only pay when people click your ads, you will always pay when people click your ads, whether they use your service or not.

What is Google AdWords Express?

You’re going to start to see blue map pins on AdWords. Red pins, you may know, represent Google Places listings, which are ranked with an algorithm that appreciates organic SEO efforts. Blue map pins will be listed above Google Places listings and, of course, above organic listings. The map pins make a listing stand out. Google has tried yellow arrows, stars, and map pins as paid features on listings. These symbols tend to draw a consumer’s attention. This is good and bad. It will draw attention to your ad, which is great. However, if you don’t make your ad text specific, you might get a lot of clicks from consumers who don’t buy your service. If that happens, you’ll see little return on your investment.

AdWords Express, I believe is Google’s new way of making AdWords seem easy for business owners. Creating and managing AdWords is now easier than ever. Google has broken it down into three steps: 1) choose a business category; 2) write text for your ad; 3) set your budget (and fund your account).

Do dentists need AdWords?

You should know, AdWords are local advertisements, which is good for most dentists. Your ad will show up for searchers in your area and for the keywords you select. If you carefully compose your advertisement and strategically choose keywords for the ad, you may get good return on the investment. The best time for dentists to use AdWords is when their website is not ranking high organically. I may suggest a 6-month AdWord campaign for a dentist who has a new website on a new domain. It could take 6 months for the website to begin to show up high on organic search engine results pages (SERPs). DO NOT NEGLECT your organic SEO strategy. Once it pays off, you can stop using AdWords and save some money!

Does MDPM set up AdWords for dentists?

No. We focus on organic search engine optimization.

How do I get started with AdWords?

Go to If you want a $100 coupon to get started, let us know. We can make sure you get one.

If you’d like to discuss your online marketing goals, your dental website or blog, or if you have questions about search engine optimization and Google, call Modern Dental Practice Marketing for answers. We’re here to make you smile.