Dentist Marketing Piece by Piece

You can have a website, blogsite, and multiple microsites, and each can be well optimized, but you also need to be featured on other sources. You probably have a page at Google Places and HealthGrades waiting to be claimed by you. The following websites offer free profiles, and I’ve listed them in order of importance.

  • Google Places
  • Yahoo Local
  • Facebook business page
  • Review websites, like Yelp, for example
  • Topix
  • HealthGrades
  • Blog listings, like

Does setting up a profile in multiple places put me at greater risk for negative reviews?

Not really. We live in the Internet age, and if someone is disgruntled – or if a competitor is evil – you may get bad reviews. Whether you have a website, blog, Google Places page, Facebook page, or any other online presence, people may write bad things about you. The best way to challenge the negative reviews is to increase your positive reviews and the amount of quality content you have online. Overshadow the bad with the good.

Do I have to have all these things?

No. You can do whatever you like. If you want a more widespread online presence and more potential for visibility on the search engines, then these are the things you need to do.

How am I supposed to keep up with all the passwords and usernames?

Keep a log, either on your computer, in your smartphone, or in a notebook. Record the date, website, username, password, and email you used to set up the account.

How can I know what’s being said about me online?

Sign up for free Google Alerts. Login to your Google account (gmail), and if you don’t have one, set one up. Google owns YouTube and many other services, so it’s important to have one gmail address. So login, then go to your account settings, choose “more,” then “even more.” In the search bar, type “alerts.” Then create a new alert for your name and practice name. When your name or practice name are indexed by Google, you’ll get an email.

This is just too much to manage!

It’s the Internet age, baby. You can hire someone in house or do it yourself, but there is no magic pill to make it all work without effort. Companies have tried to streamline social networking and profiles, but it does not work. Google and other Internet companies change all of the time, so you have to remain engaged and participate if you want to reap results. You have to take the time to input everything, then keep up with regular blogging and social interaction. At Modern Dental Practice Marketing, we cannot do it all for you. We can do a lot of it and help you determine where your time is best spent when it comes to Internet marketing. Call us today at 972-781-8861 or email us for a free Internet presence analysis.