End of Year Dental Benefits Letter

Most of the dentists I work with would love to be free of insurance for the rest of their careers, and rightfully so. However, in this economy, it’s prudent for some dentists to accept insurance. If you’re one of these practices, you need to remind all of your current patients to take advantage of their insurance benefits before the end of the year. Since preferred methods of communication differ among patients, you would be wise to draft a few paragraphs — in first person if you’re a sole practitioner, in third person if you’re part of a group practice — and send the text out in a number of ways…

  • Snail Mail – a postcard or traditional letter will work
  • Email Blast – two paragraphs tops
  • Blog Post – here you can go into detail in your blog
  • Facebook Post (link to blog) – post the update every two weeks through the end of the year
  • Twitter Update (link to blog)- post the update every two weeks through the end of the year

Not sure what to say? You can contact MDPM to draft the letter for you, or you can cover these points:

  • All of the money patients have invested in their dental insurance deductible will go back to zero on January 1st, which is just a few months away.
  • If you’ve met your deductible or are close to it, save money next year by completing dental work this year.
  • This is the ideal time to follow-up with unfinished treatment plans.
  • Patients’ commitments increase during the winter holidays, so it’s prudent to book early.
  • The dentist’s schedule will fill up quickly between now and December, so reserve and appointment soon.

Remember to include that you do offer financing and accept credit cards, because your letter will be seen by patients who don’t have dental insurance. And, here’s a bonus for you and your patients. Add a coupon for 10% off Holiday Gift Certificates for Teeth Whitening, because, after all A beautiful smile is the gift that keeps on giving!