A Dentist’s Website is Not a Commercial

What Should a Dentist’s Website Be?

Dentists have not always had the privilege (or pain) of marketing. Just a few decades ago, dentists were allowed the opportunity to advertise in the Yellow Pages.

Times have changed, and that’s an understatement.

You know that you need a website, but what is a website? What will it do for you? What factors determine a website’s success or failure? These are excellent questions, and I’d expect no less from a dentist!

What is a website? The obvious answer is that a website is an online location, and its address is a domain name (www.whatever.com). The website can feature text, photos, videos, and/or audio. But you know this. What you may not know is, a website is NOT a commercial.

One-way marketing: On TV (which may mean in your living room or at the gas pumps), commercials provide a message to viewers, prompting and enticing them to purchase a particular service or product. Television commercials are one-way advertising, like billboards and magazine advertisements. The only interaction is passive: watching or reading.

Interactive marketing: Websites are more interactive. They require that the potential customer scroll, navigate, and click. They can also offer a toggle to turn on/off videos and music. A few years ago, Internet marketing became even more interactive with the initiative called Web 2.0. In short, Web 2.0 brings in social networking, like Facebook and Twitter, as well as the opportunity to comment, share, and rate information. Depending on what you want from your dental website, it can be made minimally or optimally interactive.

The right time and place: Your dental website can be created so that it ranks high on search engines, which makes it more likely to be found by your target audience; your site can also be hidden from search engines (though it’s rare than anyone wants a hidden site if marketing is the goal). By optimizing your site for Google, Bing, and Yahoo, searching consumers will find the site when they need it. Consider this: A single, 65-year-old woman with no children sees a commercial for a new baby toy. She does not care or need the product.  The commercial is wasted on her. On the other hand, does the young mother who needs a new baby toy have her television on and her attention set on the commercial when it airs? It’s a gamble for advertisers. A well optimized and attractive website provides potential consumers, patients in your case, to find your information when they need and want it.

More information: We are in the information age. Everyone craves information. We want to make wise decisions in all facets of life: the foods we eat, vacations we take, cars we drive, and health care providers we choose. Your website can provide a ton of information, broken down into many digestible pages, so that potential patients find answers to their questions and, ultimately, call or email your office for an appointment. In addition to your website, a blog creates a great opportunity to continually stock your online presence with more pages of information about your dental practice.

If you are a dentist in need of a website, partner with a company that understands Internet marketing for dentists. Call or email Modern Dental Practice Marketing today. Not only do we understand your market, target audience, and industry, we have a track record of success. I’m Jill Duty, COO. My partner, Jill Nastasia, CEO, and I personally accept all incoming calls. We’re happy to answer your questions, go over options, and help you find the right website solution for your practice’s current needs.