Why We Write Dental Blogs

Before you invest in a blog for your dental practice, you need to understand why blogs are important to Internet marketing.

That’s about as basic as I can make the explanation. If you want more information, either look around on this blog or call me, and we’ll talk. I want to also let you know, by choosing Modern Dental Practice Marketing as your dental practice blog provider, you’ll have access to our dental copywriters. I’ll assign you a content manager — a blogger who spends the workday researching and writing about dentistry.

I’m Jill Duty, the COO at MDPM. I’ve been a professional writer for over a decade, and most of my experience is in dental copywriting for the Internet. MDPM is a boutique marketing firm that specializes in blogs and websites for dentists. The basis of our business is to provide original, search engine optimized content that’s clinically accurate, personalized to our clients, and will rank high with Google.

You’re welcome to call me if you have questions. I’ll provide a complimentary review of your online presence. We’ll look at your website and blog, if you have them, as well as your Google Places and Facebook pages.

If you want more new patients, Internet marketing is the way to go. For a reasonable monthly rate, you can have a custom dental blog, updated with weekly posts. Call me today at 972-781-8861 or email me.