Dentistry Microsites, Secondary Websites, & Blogs

I often write about the importance of having multiple websites. It’s time that I show you.

These doctors have a primary website and blog, and either a microsite, secondary website, or additional blog. Their primary websites represent all that their dental practice offers, from services to mission statement to team members to patient education. Additional sites or blogs focus on one particular service.

Dr. Stewart has a website and a blog, as well as a microsite about dental sleep medicine. The microsite is consistent with the doctor’s practice brand, yet it specifically targets patients who need sleep apnea or snoring treatment. Dr. Stewart’s microsite has been live for many months, and he regularly books new cases for sleep apnea treatment as a result.

Dr. Hussong has a website and a blog, but he recently partnered with another dentist to co-market Six Month Smiles treatment. We created a separate blog, along with a Facebook page, for the venture. The purpose of the new blog is to bring targeted cases – for Six Month Smiles – to the doctors’ offices.

Choosing a Service for Your Microsite

The most popular microsite topics for dentists right now are sedation dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, sleep apnea and snoring treatment, and specific procedures, from dental implants to short-term braces. We have many microsites and blogs in production right now. To determine which services to focus your microsites or blogs on, consider:

  • What courses have you taken recently?
  • What services do you offer that most local dentists don’t?
  • What type of dentistry do you enjoy doing?
  • What services will bring in the most revenue?

What a Microsite Can Do

Another of our clients, not mentioned in this blog, has a primary practice website, then two blogs. Once focuses on sedation, the other on cosmetic dentistry. Before Google began determining search results based on an individual’s trends and tastes (about a month ago), we found that this doctor came up a total of 7 times on page one for particular keywords. Between the website, two blogs, Facebook page, YouTube page, and Google Places listing, the doctor has cornered the market for some coveted keyword phrases. This won’t happen for every doctor – but you can see the possibilities, right?

How to Get Your Dental Microsite or Blog

To find answers to your questions or to get started on your microsite or blog, call Jill at 972-781-8861. Jill is a partner at Modern Dental Practice Marketing, and she’s also Director of Business Development. She can help you make wise, informed decisions about Internet marketing for your dental practice.