Why Dentists Need Two or More Websites

In discussing websites with a consultant, I discovered that some people discount the power of the Internet as a source of new patients. I was shocked – but I probably shouldn’t have been. Every day, I’m immersed in Internet stuff – email alerts from the Google Webmaster blog and SEO gurus; reports from my employees about keywords, traffic, and analytics; conversations with clients who expect to get new patients from the websites and blogs we create. Not everyone knows that private dental and medical offices can get new patients from their Internet marketing. My question is, why the heck would you have a website if it didn’t bring you new patients? Just to keep up with the Joneses?

To cover number 9 on my list for the blog “10 Reasons Dentists Don’t Blog,” I want to talk about the power of having more than one active website. Number 9 said that dentist don’t blog because they already have a website – so, what’s the point? For the purpose of this post, “website” can mean a full-fledged site, a blog, or a microsite.

One website is good, but more are better. Here’s why…

Google’s great reputation is based on its consistently providing relevant, original, quality information to people who search for things. When someone types the words “dental veneers grapevine texas” into the Google search field, the expectation is for results that show up (on the search engine results page or SERP) to lead to a website where the searcher will find a dentist in Grapevine, Texas who places dental veneers.

How Google Works

To make sure that only relevant information appears in SERPs, Google uses complex algorithms that determine what a website is about and the quality of the information on a website. Factors that influence Google’s decision include: original content not found on any other website; credibility of the author and sources (based on incoming links and information on other websites); length of content; relevancy of words in the content; and many others. Also, Google wants a website to come up only once, organically, on the first page of a SERP for a particular keyword phrase. (Organic refers to unpaid listings. Paid listings are AdWords.) Over the years, Google has gone back and forth on this particular concept, but for now, they’re back to one organic occurrence of a website on the first page SERP.

More Likely to Get Found

In layman’s terms, if your website comes up high on the first page of the SERP for keywords that you want to be found for, there are two things that increase the potential for the searcher to click on your link. One, the higher on the page your domain, the more likely it will be clicked. Two, the more of the results that lead to you, the more likely you’ll be found. The best way to come up multiple times for a particular keyword phrase is to have multiple websites.

More Likely to Become an Expert

To make yourself an expert in Google’s eyes (if Google has eyes), multiple websites are a great move.  If you post regularly (weekly or daily) on a blog, and all of your blog posts are original text with hyperlinks to your other sites, as well as other relevant sites. To further your online reputation, invest in one or two microsites about services you like best. Today, popular dentistry microsites are dental sleep medicine, adult braces, and headache – TMJ pain relief. Again, the content should be original, optimized, and link-heavy.

The Investment

There is really only one good reason to invest in one or more websites for your dental office: to get new patients. Internet marketing is marketing, and marketing should improve your business. Do not spend your hard-earned money on a website that isn’t optimized for search engines, contains stock (or library) articles, and isn’t linked up to your blog, microsites, Facebook page, YouTube channel, and other social media profiles.

At MDPM, you can have a website, blog, Facebook page, and content management for a very reasonable rate. We use Google Analytics on our blogs and websites to make sure we know if our clients’ Internet marketing strategy is working. To discuss your online presence, call Jill at 972-781-8861 today. She’ll answer all of your questions and set you on the path to acquiring new patients.