“I’m a Doctor, Jim, Not a Blogger!”

When marketing experts start lecturing you on blogging, do you feel like Dr. “Bones” McCoy? You’re a doctor, not a writer, and  you thought that final thesis was the last composition you’d have to endure. Or maybe  you are a writer, but your texts are written for doctors and scientists, not the general public. Either way, blogging isn’t for everyone. That is to say, you need a blog, but you don’t have to write it yourself.

Hiring a Freelance Writer to Blog

Some of our clients have come to us frustrated by freelance writers who don’t understand dentistry. Hiring a freelancer for ghost writing can be a great solution.  I was once a freelance writer, and I used to hire and manage freelancers,a s well. There are some who are worth their salt. I’d say about 2%, overall. You may find a real winner. However, if your blogger doesn’t know dentistry, you could risk your reputation with potential clients, peers, and the state board. Sure, you could read and edit every word written on your behalf, but if  you don’t like writing, do you really want to deal with editing?

Ghost Writer: A writer who composes content on behalf of another person. Many athletes, politicians, and movie stars hire a ghost writer for their biographies.

Words to the Wise

Also, beware of ex-dental professionals, like hygienists and assistants, who want to be writers. She may have worked in a dental office, but that does not make her a professional writer. Patients, too, tend to want to trade services — a filling for a few months’ blogs… not the best idea. Then there are retired teachers who are well versed in writing, but they aren’t necessarily up to speed on blog writing. I’m the first to recognize that these are generalizations. You may  find the perfect freelancer, ex-dental professional, patient, or retired teacher to write your dental practice blogs. I’m just sharing the warning based on experience. Clients often come to us after having made mistakes such as these.

The Business of Dental Practice Blogging

If you do not want to write your own blogs, carefully select your ghost writer. The professional you need should have a complete grasp of: grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, your target audience, search engine optimization techniques, dentistry, dental marketing guidelines, and how to write interesting blogs.

Modern Dental Practice Marketing employs professional dental copywriters who are trained and experienced in the art of blogging. They also stay on top of the latest SEO trends and dental news. If you’d like to learn more about blogging with MDPM, call Jill at 972-781-8861 today.