When Dentists Don’t Have Time to Write Blogs

You’re busy. As a dentist, you have a business to run, patients to treat, and people to manage. And let’s not forget, you also need to plan your marketing, keep up with P&L, and accrue CEs. When on earth are you supposed to find time to blog?

While some social media experts preach that business owners must blog for themselves, it’s simply not practical for a busy doctor. Besides, unless you’re blogging just for social networking purposes (to communicate with blog followers and Facebook fans), you need to understand something about search engine optimization. A blog can seriously improve your Google rankings – IF (and that’s a big if) you blog correctly.

Your high school English teacher probably told you, there’s no right or wrong to journaling. That’s true. And if your blog is solely an online, professional journal, great. However, if you want your dental practice blog to become a powerful marketing tool, you need experienced dental copywriters who understand SEO, who will track your blog’s analytics, and who can post regularly, regardless of what YOUR schedule looks like.

Modern Dental Practice Marketing was started by two women with experience in A) marketing, B) writing, C) dentistry, and E) search engine optimization. We have a team of trained copywriters who stay on top of the latest trends in dentistry. As an MDPM blog client, you’ll be assigned a content manager – a dental copywriter – who will be responsible for learning about your practice and target market. Your content manager will also learn about you, your philosophy for dental care, and which procedures you value most.

Google requires that blog and website content be unique – meaning that you should not use content found on other websites. Each month, our team composes, edits, and posts hundreds of dental practice blogs, yet each blog is unique. We publish the blog posts on Facebook and can even send them to patients in the form of an email blast.

If you’re interested in blogging, but you just don’t have time, call MDPM at 972-781-8861 and speak with Jill today.