Month: June 2011

Benefits of Blogs in Dental Office Marketing

Marketing has evolved dramatically in the past few years. With the Internet, businesses can interact with potential clients before ever speaking to or meeting them. Websites and blogs are information-based marketing tools, rather than mass-media based tools. In some ways, Internet marketing is like the yellow pages in overdrive. Websites and blogs don’t rely on… Read more »

SEO Benefits of a Dental Practice Blog

As a dentist, you can communicate oral health education information, as well as personal sentiments, through a blog. If you categorize your blog posts properly, in the archives your personal notes – like congratulations and birthday wishes to patients – will be separated from patient education topics. Over time, you’ll build an organized library of… Read more »

What is a Blog?

“Blog” is short for “web log.” About 15 years ago, the term was coined to represent people who journaled online. This is an explanation about the History of Blogging from The modern blog evolved from the online diary, where people would keep a running account of their personal lives. Most such writers called themselves… Read more »

How to Write a Great Dental Blog Post

We are so proud of this post by our client, Dr. Ritu Rao, a Dallas, TX dentist. If you want to know how to write a good post for your dental blog, take note of this awesome post about getting children to take care of their teeth! How To Win The War . . …. Read more »

Time Management – Ask a Busy Person

This blog comes from Mayer Levitt of Jodena Consulting. Mayer is a long-time dental consultant, and we are pleased to feature his wisdom on the MDPM blog! Time Management-Ask a Busy Person Mayer A. Levitt, DMD | February, 2011 I am in awe of busy people who somehow are able to take on anything that… Read more »

Sneaky Spammy Comments

If you maintain your own dental blog, you’ve probably seen some undesirable comments come along. Some may reference your blog topic, commend you on a job well done, then ask if you’ve heard about a service… maybe an SEO service, a medication for various ailments, or an offer to help with your blog. Some appear… Read more »

What’s Your Happy Meal? Marketing to Moms & Kids

In 1979, McDonalds rolled out an innovation that revolutionized marketing in the fast food industry: the Happy Meal. St.Louis regional advertising manager, Dick Brams, dreamed up the gimmick in 1977. Since then, the Happy Meal has become iconic across the globe, and some connoisseurs are serious Happy Meal toy collectors. There is no denying, the… Read more »