3 Tips to Consider Before Dental Web Design

A dental website design should have some of the same components of any other service-oriented website, but there are also special features to consider. For instance, you may want your dental website to include a before-and after gallery, patient testimonials (written or in video form), and interactive features, like quizzes with responses you can capture and leverage in your overall marketing plan.

Here are a few  tips for you to consider BEFORE the dental website design process.

  1. Videos to Make You Look Good – You want your practice to look contemporary, on the forefront of technology and clinical care. To make potential patients perceive your practice as state of the art, you must include videos. Before you design or redesign your dental website, prepare some quality video clips. These can be scripted, with the dentist or team members narrating an office tour, service descriptions, or technology explanations. They may also be unscripted, as with a patient testimonial. Consider, too, having your team members introduced with videos, rather than photos and text, on your About the Team Page.
  2. Capturing Visitors’ Information – How will you capture information about website visitors? What information do you want? Your website traffic, as well as information like where visitors live, can come from Google Analytics. But I challenge you to go a step further. A person who has reached your site is already somewhat prequalified as a patient. They’re looking for a dentist in your area. So take the opportunity to learn more about these folks. Created correctly, fun magazine-style quizzes can capture information about what your website visitors think about smile makeovers, dental phobia, and dental health in general. It’s also important to gather email addresses of visitors so that you can add them to your drip list. A drip list is a list of potential patients whom you email regularly. By keeping your name in front of these people, you’ll increase the potential that you will become their dentist of choice.
  3. Text Should Stimulate Interest, Not Overwhelm – Dentists usually have a lot of information to share. Let’s face it, presenting information about any type of science requires a big information transfer. On top of the challenge to accurately convey clinical and scientific information, however, is the necessity of marketing yourself, your team, and your services. Whether you agree or not, in marketing, a little can go a long way. Your website’s top navigation pages do not have to be an information dump. On the contrary, Home, About Us, Services, Gallery, and Contact Us (as well as other pages) should have teasers of information, along with hyperlinks so that visitors can easily find the information they want. Your website can have 20 services pages and sub-services pages. For instance, a page called Replacement Teeth may have subpages of Dental Implants, Dental Bridges, Dentures, and Partials. Under Dental Implants, you can have separate pages for All on Four, Single Implants, Mini Dental Implants, and Implant-Retained Bridges and Partials. The point is, both humans and search engines prefer excellent information that’s delivered in small doses and easy to find. Prepare your text before delving into dental website design. Then build your navigation around your website script.

This food for thought is merely an appetizer. If you’d like to discuss your dental web design, or if you have questions about website design, call Jill at 972-781-8861 or email info@moderndentalmarketing.com.