Dental Website Design is Another Story

If you’re accustomed to taking out ads in your local paper or phone book, you know something about marketing dental services to your community. When it comes to Internet marketing, however, the game changes. Dental website design is very different from dental ad design, therefore, you have to approach building your website differently than you would a print ad.

Dental websites are unlike print ads in that they are interactive. In this way, they also differ from commercials. For the past few years (less now than previously), many doctors have been interested in a splash page. This term represents a page that is like an opener to the meat of a website. A splash page usually has minimal text and maximum movement. I’ve always considered a splash page to be like a commercial. While people are used to commercials, they aren’t looking for commercials online (except after the Super Bowl). While a splash page loads and plays, a web visitor may get bored and leave. Furthermore, splash pages are usually Flash files, which are no good for search engine optimization.

The trend in medical marketing is to incorporate video, blogs, social networking, quizzes, and other interactive features into a website. Movement is important, but it can be accomplished with videos and jQuery. Search engine bots appreciate these files much more than they do Flash files.

One issue, though, is keeping the design simple and tasteful without creating visual overstimulation for your web visitors. Too much can be worse than too little! A good website designer will discuss the doctor’s priorities based on target market, purpose of the website, and goals the site should achieve. A dentist’s website primarily for educating the public would require different approach than a site intended to draw in cosmetic makeover patients. You can sprinkle in both education and marketing, but one should take priority.

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