Weekend Warrior: The Beer Dentist and the Candy Dentist

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”


How much time do you spend thinking about sports? Buying a new car? Financing retirement?

Now, how much time do you spend dreaming up ways to make your dental practice different? I’m not talking about staffing, training, adding new technology, or even redecorating. I’m talking about ideas that would set you apart from every other dentist. Ideas that would benefit your fellow man, but also earn you free press.

So often, dentists struggle to keep up with the trends in marketing: Do you need a website? Should you blog? Is it time to rebrand? Are Facebook, Twitter,  LinkedIn, Groupon worth your time and money? But I want you to put the shiny new objects aside for a moment. Clear your mind.

I want to tell you about two dentists who dreamed their way to unprecedented, free PR. You’ve probably heard of both.

First, Dr. Herzog of Floss Dental. Recently, Dr. Herzog was featured on Good Morning Texas because he has a fridge filled with free beverages in his waiting room. What’s different about that? Some of the tasty drinks are beer. Now, this doc has eight offices, located in Dallas, Houston, Rockwall, and Ft. Worth. He’s doing quite well, despite bad reviews on Yahoo. His Good Morning Texas news story came to my desk via a dental consultant in Iowa. News travels fast in the digital age. That was on Monday. Today, Friday, a Dallas radio station posed the question to listeners, What keeps you from visiting the dentist? The topic of the conversation was the beer fridge at Floss Dental. So whether you think beer in the dental office is a good or bad idea, from a PR perspective, it’s genius.

Second, Dr. Kammer of Chris Kammer, DDS. Dr. Kammer is a mover and a shaker – and he loves three things: people, fun, and dentistry. Remember the singing dentist with the giant toothbrush at the 2010 American Idol tryouts? That was Dr. Kammer. He’s also been seen running for president… Dr. Kammer is the originator of Halloween Candy Buy Back, which is now a national event for dentists and dental patients. I even got a call at MDPM last Halloween from a woman who wanted to find out where to drop off her Halloween candy. The Halloween Candy Buy Back program has free, open participation, and dentists who sponsor a buy back day usually get free press. Genius!

So this weekend, while you’re stoking up the grill or cleaning your boat, think about what’s new and different. Think about helping people. Dr. Herzog’s beer fridge makes people feel more relaxed and comfortable in the dentist’s office. Dr. Kammer’s Halloween Candy Buy Back supports cavity-free kids and the US Military. What’s the next big idea? These two dentists had great success with new ideas that made them different… and we all know, the third time is a charm. Your future awaits.