Top Dental Marketing Questions and Awesome Answers – Part 1

I dug around on Yahoo Answers and found a few questions common to dentists in various stages of their career. Over the next few days, I’m going to tackle some of the questions here on Feel free to add your own comments and stories to the posts, or if you want more info, just email

1)      Today! How does a new dental practice get a foothold in an area where there are many dentists?

2)      Tomorrow! How does a dentist get started building a website? Are there templates?

3)      Monday! Can you suggest a good dental blog to read and follow?

How does a new dental practice get a foothold in an area where there are many dentists?
Hopefully, before you open a dental office, you will research the market in the area you would like to plant your business. However, if you are in a new practice that’s struggling, but you see your local peers thriving, there are a few things you can do to claim your share of patients.

First, check your signage. People need to know you exist!

  • Your sign must be visible from the nearest busy street.
  • Your sign should feature your dental logo, some variation of the word “dentist,” and your phone number, large enough to read from the street.
  • You need signage both on the street and on your storefront.

Next, check out your competition. Get in your car and drive around. Find out where other dentists are located, and assess their building size, signage, and traffic.

Then, go online! Google your competitors. What are they doing online? If they have good websites, you need a better website. If they rank well on search engines, you need to rank higher. If they aren’t online, you need to get online, because they’re missing out on some serious traffic that you could claim.

Also, get involved to get your name out in the community. Becoming a local expert can yield awesome rewards.

  • Call schools, nursing homes, and community centers to schedule educational speaking engagements. All you need to do is take some business cards, give a brief educational speech about any dental topic (checkups, gum disease, dental implants), and answer some questions. Be sure to promote the event on your website and Facebook page.
  • If you are in a small town with older residents, consider contacting the newspaper editor to offer a weekly column on health and wellness. If you aren’t a writer, hire one (with dental copywriting experience) to ghost write your column.
  • Host a Toothfairy Photo Day, Halloween Candy Buy Back Event, or some other event at your office. You’ll need to promote, promote, promote before the event, and be sure to take lots of photos for your website, blog, and Facebook page. Read about dental event promotions here.