QR Codes in Dental Marketing

First of all, a QR code is a weird little, cryptic looking series of squares that’s associated with information on the Internet.The QR stands for “Quick Response.” IN 1994, the Japanese corporation, Denso-Wave, invented the QR code. In Japan today, QR codes are all over the place, and people simply scan them with a smart phone to pull up information on the Internet. (People download a QR reader app to their phones.)

So do dentists need to get QR codes? Not necessarily. I think it’s just one more thing to have to worry about, and it probably won’t do much to increase a dentist’s profitability. To prove this point, Google Places formerly assigned a QR code to every listed business, but this is not longer the case. The Internet is so simple to use, QR codes aren’t much of a short cut.

However, if you have the time and inclination to experiment with QR codes, you can visit a site like http://qrcode.kaywa.com to generate a free QR code associated with any web address you like. Here’s the one for MDPM:

Put the QR code in your office on the wall, on your signage, on direct mail pieces, in articles and advertisements, or even on stickers to put anywhere you like. When people come across the code, if they’re curious and tech-savvy, they’ll scan the code and be directed to your website.

Here are some ways to use QR codes in dentistry:

  • Post a QR code to your Google Places or Yelp page at your dental office checkout. Tell patients to leave a testimonial right then, and they’ll be entered into a contest to win a free… toothbrush, gift card, whatever. Remember, online testimonials are great for SEO.
  • Post a QR code on your office sign to direct people to your website or Facebook page.
  • Post QR codes in your lobby, and link them to fun dental games online.
  • Put QR codes on your direct mail to direct potential patients to special online offers.
  • Put QR codes on your postoperative instructions to guide patients to an online version.

Want to know more? Want to learn about tracking for your QR codes? Visit http://searchengineland.com/how-to-use-qr-codes-in-social-media-52712.