Dentists Should Check Their Google Rankings Today: Going Up?

While at the Chicago Midwinter, I heard the news about Google changing how it ranks websites that use duplicate content, as well as “content farms.” For years, I’ve preached the unforgivable Google sin of duplicate content. If the text on your website comes from a library of dental articles that also appear on other dentists’ websites, Google frowns upon your URL/domain/website. This has been the case for a while, but now blogs and websites that follow the rule of no duplicate content are dominating the search engine results pages.

As of this week, the game of dental website SEO has changed.

Since 2009 or before, Google has shown concern over how to make their SERPs legitimate. With top-ranking companies pushing out tons of irrelevant, poorly written, and non-factual content daily, Google had a big job. MDPM was ahead of the curve, though. We followed Google’s rules, and it has paid off four our clients.

Many of our clients are now at the top of the Google SERPs for such competitive keywords as: Chicago dentist, dentist Chicago — and also in smaller towns, with terms like Waco dentist and dentist Waco or Tulsa dentist and dentist Tulsa. In addition, our clients rank on page one (sometimes place one) for more specific keyword phrases, like cosmetic dentist Chicago.

Bottom line: BLOGS ARE THE WAVE OF THE FUTURE. If you want your dental website to top the SERPs, you must invest in high quality, search engine optimized content that posts at least weekly, if not daily. The more solid information your blog produces, the higher your ranking.

That’s just the truth.

If you’ve been considering a dental blog, but you’ve not found the dental marketing company to do the job right, call Jill at Modern Dental Practice Marketing today. She’ll analyze your web rank and determine the best strategy to push your website to the top, fast.

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