The Most Important Part of Choosing a Website Company

You’ve looked through sample websites, read testimonials, talked to the sales guy. You even spoke to the graphic designer and discussed your ideas with your associates. If you think you’ve done all the research necessary to choose the right dental website design company, think again.

Time after time, I hear dentists say that the design process of building a website goes smoothly. Trouble ensues after the website goes live.

After you’ve paid for your website, you’ll still need support — changing photos, updating text, managing domains and emails. Will your website company be as attentive and responsive after your website goes live? Will they follow through with great customer service? They certainly should if you’re paying for monthly website support. But how can you know ahead of time whether the dental website company you choose will offer great support?

Simple: Call Support!

Just pick up the phone, call the support line, and tell the receptionist (if you don’t get an answering machine) that you need to discuss some support changes for your website. You may have to say that you’re not a current client, but maybe you can avoid the question. Either way, grade your experience, starting with how quickly you reached a human and the quality of the response. Here are some criteria for scoring your phone call:

  • How many rings before the phone was answered?
  • Was the answering employee kind, helpful, and efficient?
  • Were you quickly transferred to the appropriate department?
  • Was that employee kind, helpful, and efficient?
  • Did you have to leave a message? If so, how long until your call was returned?
  • Send and email to the support address and see how quickly someone responds.
  • Be sure to ask how long it would take to complete a simple request, like updating the doctor’s photo.
  • Ask how you should submit the photo and make sure you understand the answer.
  • Also ask if you’ll be charged for the support task, or if it’s included in your monthly service fee.

Perform the test call for your top three dental website design candidates, and factor in the results to your final decision. You’ll be thankful in the long run!

Test this screening process on MDPM! Call Jill today at 972-788-8168, and email us at Be sure to score us according to the above criteria. At MDPM, we guarantee you’ll have excellent website support. Because making dentists smile is our priority, everyone on our team is held to high standards in all aspects of customer service, which includes answering calls and emails promptly and completely.