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If you’re going to have a blog for your dental practice, it must be updated weekly, at minimum. That said, I want to talk a little bit about how a blog design evolves. When designing a blog for a dental client, we first become familiar with the practice’s brand: logo, tagline, mission, vision, product, services, etc. Of course we look at the colors in the logo and primary website; we determine the style of design the dentist prefers based on what’s already online – or we can completely rebrand, creating a new logo and primary website along with the new blog site.

Besides esthetics and branding, we consider the function of the blog. Sure, it needs to be user-friendly for the actual blog posts, but will other pages be included? Is the blog going to be more of a secondary website than just a one-page blog? In most cases, the answer is yes.

Let’s look at Dr. Angela Osborn’s website and blog. Her site was created by Officite, and we used some of its elements in her blog design. (MDPM is always happy to create a custom dental website, but we respect other website companies and are happy to work with them on behalf of our clients.) Colors, font, bubbles, and even the texture design were incorporated to customize a WordPress blog template. We even used a variation of the website’s domain (website is, blog is

Angela Osborn, DDS Website by Officite

To expand the blog, we created a few “brochure site” pages: The Team, Schedule Today. But then we incorporated some out-of-the-box pages. The Free Whitening page features three printable coupons that we designed exclusively for Dr. Osborn. We also created a Smiles Speak page of testimonials. Because the doctor believes that patients should be informed on the latest FDA news about amalgam fillings, we designed a page in the navigation to address the issue.

In addition to the actual blog’s design and features, we set up a Facebook fan page for Dr. Osborn, and included it on the blog’s sidebar. There’s also a FeedBurner widget that allows visitors to subscribe for email alerts, and the thumbnail of her main website puts the website just one click away. These days, many dentist websites don’t have a search bar, but all MDPM blogs have a search feature. I think it’s an important part of user-friendliness.

So that’s a tour of one of our blog designs. You can see how an MDPM blog does not mimic, but complements a primary website’s design.

If you want a good-looking dental blog that will shoot you to the top of Google, call Jill, my partner, at 972-781-8861.

Until next time, keep smiling – Jill