a wRant on dental writinG & marketINg

Yes, that heading is unprofessional and ridiculous. It’s supposed to make a point.

Hopefully you (or your marketing person) search the Internet to check out your competition. I know dentists don’t like the word “competition” because they respect their peers. However, in the marketing world, your peers are your competition: a) if their offices are in your neck of the woods, and b) if you share the same target patients.

So, that said, I was following my own advice, searching the Internet to check out dental marketing blogs today. Lo and behold, what did I find? Misspellings, poor grammar, and shoddy use of punctuation. These obscenities were rampant.

Whether you choose to work with Modern Dental Practice Marketing or another dental marketing company, I beg you to select a reputable firm with a website indicative of the professionalism that your industry, and your practice, deserve.

At MDPM, we respect the written word, so we employ talented writers who understand not only spelling, grammar, and punctuation, but also dentistry, marketing, and search engine optimization.

If your dental practice needs marketing help, do some research.

Search for dental marketing companies on Google, using keywords that reflect your needs. From the search engine results pages (SERPS), look at each company’s website to review:

  • blog posts (spelling, grammar, punctuation, content, voice, style)
  • testimonials (service, punctuality, responsiveness, client satisfaction)
  • samples (quality, design, creativity)
  • services (blogs, websites, logos, branding, press releases, etc.)

Do you like what you read? Do you like what you see? The look and feel of a marketing company’s brand does not have to be similar to what you want for your dental practice, but it should be professional. Remember, what you see is probably an accurate representation of what you’ll get!

Once you narrow down a few constituents, call the main office number to see if a human answers the phone. If you get an answering machine, leave a message and be sure to note how long it takes to get a return call. Assume that this response time is the best you’ll ever receive from the company because you are a prospective new client. Can you wait that long for website support?

Your patients judge your practice, in part, on how your phone is answered. Do the same for the marketing companies you interview.

Base your final decision what you’ve learned about each company’s products, customer service, and your gut feeling.

At MDPM, we are pleased to regularly receive testimonials like this:

“It’s great to have found you guys and see that you’re as passionate about running your business as we are about ours.”

“…great news! I think the SEO you’re doing is working.  I checked this morning and I came up on the first page for ‘Chicago Cosmetic Dentist’ and was #2 next to the map way up on the top for ‘Chicago Sleep Apnea .’ Yay and thanks!”

“[Working with Jill and Jill has] been a wonderful experience! I am sure many other dentists can benefit from wealth of knowledge and your high level of service.”

If you need a dental blog, dental website, or search engine help, interview MDPM. Just call Jill at 972-781-8861. We’ll do our best to make your practice a tremendous success, while providing exceptional service.