Can’t Find the Biggest and Best…A Real Problem

Here in Dallas, we’re pretty darn proud of Jerry World, The Deathstar… I’m talking about Dallas Cowboys Stadium. From the largest video screen to  luxurious amenities to contemporary artwork, Dallas Cowboys Stadium  offers the biggest and the best (IMHO). In fact, it’s so wonderful, that in just two weeks, 100,000 football enthusiasts from across the nation will flock to Arlington to watch Super Bowl XLV.

Problem is, folks are trying to find Dallas Cowboys Stadium, and they’re having some trouble. With all the construction around Arlington, road names have changed, streets have moved, but all the maps haven’t been updated. No matter how big and wonderful the stadium is, if Packers and Steelers fans can’t find it, we have a serious problem.

The same holds true for your dental practice. Do you know if your Google Map is up to date? Is your office where Google thinks it is? Furthermore, does your website’s Contact Us page have a hyperlink to an accurate map?

I want to challenge you to look at your own website and determine how easy it would be for someone who just moved to town to find it. Go to Google Maps, as well, and check two things: is your practice’s location correct, and have you claimed your listing?

I’ve visited some websites that require me to search for the location address. Maybe it’s in small print in the footer. Maybe it’s on the Contact Us page. Maybe the address isn’t on the site at all. Not good! It’s actually very frustrating!

Furthermore, have you ever followed a Google Map and gotten lost? Also very frustrating!

Don’t let your potential patients experience frustration before they even meet you. That’s just a recipe for disaster.

If you need help with Google Maps or your dental practice website, just give us MDPM a call at 972-781-8861.