First Steps in a Modern Dental Practice Marketing Consultation

So you’ve been mulling over the thought of a dental practice blog, or a new logo and brand, or a new website. You don’t want some fast-talking sales guy to wrap you up and grab your wallet before you know what’s going on; and marketing, honestly, is not your strong suit. I want to let you know what you can expect on the first call with Jill when you contact Modern Dental Practice Marketing.

After introductions, Jill will ask you a few questions about your practice. She’ll want to know what type of dentistry you offer and what an ideal patient would look like. She’ll also visit your current website(s) and/or blog and discuss your logo and brand. If you have a good marketing plan underway, Jill may ask if you use a newsletter, email blasts, or press releases.

Jill will want to know why you want a new website or blog and what you hope it will accomplish. Some of our clients just want to have a voice online, so SEO is not priority, while others choose to invest in a blog to boost their main website’s Google rankings.

Once Jill understands who, what, where, and why about your practice’s marketing needs, she will start to discuss the how — how we can accomplish your goals. The initial conversation may take 15 minutes or an hour, it’s up to you. Once the call is over, Jill will create a written proposal outlining her thoughts, and she’ll share it with our internal departments (copywriting, production, graphic design, markting consulting). Our team will have a pow-wow about your practice’s needs. We’ll all look at your website and brainstorm about ways to improve your overall Internet marketing strategy.

Then Jill will send you an email with our proposal. She’ll follow up with a call, and urge you to ask questions or share your thoughts. From there, you get to decide if we’re the right marketing company for your dental practice.

That’s it! It’s painless. We put in a lot of time and effort in planning your marketing to-do list before you make any decisions. Why do we do this for free? How can it be cost effective? Because we’ve found, time and time again, that when we give our best, we succeed…and so do our clients.

Want to talk to Jill? Call her at 972-781-8861, or you can email