Potential Patients Are Googling You

Just a few years ago, Google was not a word we knew. Today, it’s both a proper noun and a verb, and it transcends languages, boundaries, and generations. Google holds 65% of the market share for search engines, and its closest competitors fight it out for the remaining share. So, Google is huge…but it’s also very personal. Any time, anywhere, anyone could be Googling you!

As a professional, you need positive, accurate information to come up when your name or dental practice is Googled. Do you know what shows up right now? Could be inaccurate information, old news, or even really bad testimonials. Take a minute to Google yourself and your practice right now.

What showed up? Best case scenario, your dental practice website, blog, and positive testimonials were first on the results page. Many dentists find that their articles, speaking engagements, and local listings hold high rank on the results pages.

However, if you don’t like the information that holds high position on Google search engine results pages for your name and dental practice, you can do something about it.

The key is to get more good, new information out there than what currently exists. Google places high priority on well written informational websites, so a good dental website is a must. If you’ve not updated yours in a while, or if you need a next-generation logo and brand, call MDPM for professional graphic design and marketing consulting.

Google also gives blogs high priority – higher than web pages of the same age and quality. Blogs, you see, are considered news, and Google loves news. So, if you have a dental blog and publish keyword-rich, optimized posts daily, or at least weekly, you will notice the blog posts show up high on Google results. It will take a little time; usually a month or so. Again, if you need professional assistance, call MDPM. Our dental copywriters are the modern Shakespeares of blog writing.

You’ll also need to claim and complete your Google Places listing. It’s free.

It’s a good idea to get involved with Twitter and Facebook, even if you just automatically send your blog posts to your profiles on these social networks. Google is now involved with social networking from a search engine perspective, and the service is absolutely free. Just engage!

The Internet is a fabulous, free resource that will bring you new patients. All you need to do is get involved. At Modern Dental Practice Marketing, we move dentist to the top of the Google listings by creating search-engine friendly, unique web content and posting blogs on a set schedule.

Dr. Alfe, a respected Chicago dentist, is one of our clients. She told us: “…great news! I think the SEO you’re doing is working. I checked this morning and I came up on the first page for ‘Chicago Cosmetic Dentist’ and was #2 next to the map way up on the top for ‘Chicago Sleep Apnea.’ Yay and thanks!”

If you want similar results for your practice, call Jill at Modern Dental Practice Marketing for a free initial consultation: 972.781.8861 or email us. She’ll review your website and Internet marketing presence, then provide a practical, affordable plan to improve your rankings on Google. So when potential patients Google you, they’ll find the information you want them to see!